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Sci-fi film about an alien invasion featuring a time loop that occurs whenever the protagonist dies. Based on Japanese novella All You Need Is Kill.

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What happens to everyone else when Cage resets the day?

So we know Cage gets the ability to reset the "day" by absorbing the blood of an Alpha mimic thus enabling him to kill the Omega and end the war. That's cool and everything but what happens ...
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How did they know what an Omega looks like?

In the film Edge of Tomorrow, when Rita takes Cage to see the scientist, they are shown a picture of an Omega. But, they don't know where the Omega is, and they never say it's ever been in a known ...
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If Cage and an Alpha died at the same moment which reset would take precedence?

I am not sure if this is discussed in the comics, the movie or any of the literature that has come out since. If Cage dies he resets the day back to before the invasion. If an Alpha dies the Omega ...
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Why is Cage looped back to the day before the invasion?

Is it explained why Cage returns back to that particular moment in time rather then the moment of invasion? I understand that when an Alpha dies the Omega resets the day, but that would mean ...
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Why do they not start the search the same day?

In the movie Live. Die. Repeat. (a.k.a. Edge of Tomorrow) the soldier and the Angel of Verdun together are searching for the Omega. I am aware there is a time loop! But Tom Cruise every time wake up ...
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Edge of Tomorrow: Who cares what Rita's middle name is?

In Edge of Tomorrow, Rita Vrataski dramatically tells Cage her true middle name before one of her deaths. When I was watching, I assumed that Cage would use this knowledge to gain her trust in a ...
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Edge of Tomorrow - Why didn't Cage go back and get more blood from the original Alpha

In Edge of Tomorrow, once Cage knows the location (and time of arrival) of the original Alpha that gave him his powers, why can't he arrange for others (or at least Rita Vrataski) to be there when it ...
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How does Lt. Col. William Cage get this suit?

The first few times cage meets Sergeant Rita Rose Vrataski in the battle field he just has normal everyday exoskeleton suit: The suit with out a person in it. But ...
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Does William Cage become immortal?

In the final scenes of Edge of Tomorrow, William Cage drops grenades onto the Omega which then blows up and this ends the war with the Mimics. Before he dies, William comes into contact with the Omega'...
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Deleted scenes that appear in the Edge of Tomorrow trailer

I'm looking for more information on what appear to be some deleted scenes from Edge of Tomorrow that appear in the official trailer (link included). The first is at about 1:50. Cage struggling across ...
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In Edge of Tomorrow, is everyone on the European Mainland dead?

We know the mimics overran the entirety of the European Union, or at least the vast majority of it. However throughout the movie we never see or hear of any survivors living in occupied areas, did the ...
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2 answers

Why is Paris flooded in Edge Of Tomorrow?

In the climactic act of Edge Of Tomorrow we see the ruins of Paris, extending as far as the Louvre. The entire area surrounding this site seems to be flooded in a foot of water or more. How and why ...
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Was the 'green screen' in the troop carrier, night vision?

As Rita, William and J squad are travelling over Paris toward The Louvre at night, there is a shot showing the inside of the cockpit and the front window with a HUD. Oh that's handy, they have night ...
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Why didn’t Major Cage simply do this with the item he took from the Ministry of Defence?

In the movie Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise recovers a particular item from the General's office. This item However, because This approach would have had the benefit of being able to use the full ...
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25 votes
4 answers

Why didn’t anybody recognise Major Bill Cage?

So Major William Cage is railroaded as a new recruit into the UDF by some butt-hurt General who issues some orders with a bogus story that he's one Private Bill Cage who is a deserter that was caught ...
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How many Alphas are there?

In the movie Tom kills an Alpha and gets the Alpha’s powers. I have two questions: Is it ever mentioned how many Alphas there are? (We see Emily kill one as well.) Do they ever discuss the ...
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Why didn't they use the aircraft earlier?

At the end of Edge of Tomorrow, Cage and Rita convince the J squad to embark on the gunship to fly directly to Paris. Since they're down to their final "life", we know that it provided a fast and safe ...
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Would Cage have still had the power if he had lived longer than the next day?

William Cage never seems to make it longer than the day of the France invasion. If he were to survive longer than that (a week) would he still have the Mimic power, and would he still revert back to ...
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Why did the Omega trick William Cage to the Bavarian Alps dam?

In "Edge of Tomorrow", Cage and Rita make a plan to get out of the beach, and head to a location (a dam) in the Bavarian Alps that Cage had seen in his visions in order to wipe out the Omega. But, as ...
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Why did Rita and William do the final raid using William's squad?

When the two warriors found the location of the Omega mimic in Edge of Tomorrow, why did Sergeant Rita Vrataski and Major/Private William Cage choose to take the squad he was assigned to, as opposed ...
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Why use aerial vehicles to establish a beachhead?

There was some mention in the extras provided on the DVD that the film makers of Edge of Tomorrow chose Normandy as the point of the battle, to hark back to WWII. In WWII, the allies were using ships ...
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54 votes
2 answers

Why are the Mimics so named?

The baddies in Edge of Tomorrow are black, amorphous tentacled creatures called Mimics. The problem is, as best as I can remember, they never actually mimic anything. And they certainly don't look ...
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Why is William Cage forced into combat?

At the beginning of Edge of Tomorrow, we see through snippets of news coverage that William Cage is a famous PR officer for the military. Shortly after, Why is Cage forced into combat? Why is it so ...
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How many times did Cage relive that day in "Edge of Tomorrow"?

How many times did Cage relive that day in Edge of Tomorrow? We see him wake up many times in the movie, but there seem to be many, many more instances that we don't see. For instance, at the ...
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About Edge of Tomorrow: How Rita can know she lost her powers? [duplicate]

In the film Edge of Tomorrow Rita Vrataski knows she had lost her powers (coming back after her death) due to a blood trasfusion, but how she can know that? she should die first right?
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Who kills the Omega in the final timeline?

In the penultimate timeline "loop" that we see in Edge Of Tomorrow, However, as we see in the final sequence, So who killed it/how did it die?
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How did Rita know she lost the power?

In Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt's character, Rita Vrataski, had the time-resetting power previously. She details the backstory of how she gained it, and how she lost it. However, how did she know ...
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Edge of Tomorrow: Why can Cage and Rita remember events after dying and coming back?

I never quite understood this type of logic. You live out your day as your brain organically modifies itself through your external senses (memories are formed). You then are exploded into little ...
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