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Elysium is a 2013 American science fiction action-thriller film which takes place on both a ravaged Earth and a luxurious space habitat called Elysium. It explores political and sociological themes such as immigration, health care and class issues.

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In the movie Elysium, was the locution used by the CEO to ask the robots to kill significant?

Have not seen the movie in a while but the CEO (who had interacted with Jodie Foster's character earlier) tells the robots something like, “I am being followed by a man and I would like him dead.” I ...
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How can police droids arrest these people?

How can the police droids arrest the forged illegals that land on Elysium at the start of the movie? The question How are citizens of Elysium arrested? really got me thinking. We are told that the ...
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How are citizens of Elysium arrested?

The robots on Elysium cannot arrest a citizen. As stated by a robot at the end of the movie. So who deals with criminals who happen to be citizens? Is the movie implying that the super rich are ...
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Is Chappie meant to be a prequel to Elysium?

When I watched Elysium, I could not help thinking that the droids: bore more than a passing resemblance to Chappie: I'm wondering if that is a coincidence or, since they have the same director, if ...
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Where are all the robots near the end of Elysium?

At the end of Elysium However, from that moment until the final scene where there are no robots to be seen. Is there any in-universe explanation for the sudden disappearance of the robots and or ...
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Are there any plan for elysium 2? [closed]

Does anyone know if there's any chance that they'll be making a sequel to the film 'Elysium'?
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What were the people saying in the parts of Elysium in Spanish, French and Afrikaans?

I love the movie Elysium, but if has one fault, it is that on occasions people drop into Spanish, French or Afrikaans. Don't get me wrong, it does seem quite natural for the characters to be ...
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What was the orbital radius of the Elysium toroid?

What was the orbital radius of the Elysium toroid? When the first group of 3 ships sent by Spider were traveling towards Elysium, the movie cut to Defense Secretary Delacourt at a party at her home. ...
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How did Kruger survive a grenade blowing up his face when Carlyle and Delacourt died from less severe injuries?

In the film Elysium (2013), Kruger is able to be healed by the med bay after having his face blown apart. He wasn't even rushed into the med bay straightaway either. How is the med bay after to fix ...
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How do they sustain the Elysium?

In the movie Elyium, there is no talks about the inhabitants of Elysium working or having a job. Further more, the Earth is devastated and over-populated. Without any economy, how do they sustain the ...
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Why did Delacourt act the way she did toward the end of Elysium?

MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING: At first, it appeared to be... However, on reflection... The flip side may be true as well... Are there any definitive sources, or evidence I haven't mentioned, for any of ...
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