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For questions about the series by Isaac Asimov detailing the rise of the Galactic Empire.

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Was the Star Wars capital planet named "Coruscant" after this passage from Pebble in the Sky?

Rereading Pebble in the Sky (1950), Isaac Asimov's first complete novel, I noticed a particular word near the beginning chapter 6: Ennius looked at the stars. They were the real beauty to him, since ...
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Why did earth stay radioactive for so long with all the people?

In Robots and Empire Mandalamus said that Earth would be radioactive within 20 decades (e.g. 200 years). But in Pebble in The Sky, it was said that people still were on Earth after 9000 years! Why so?
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In the Robot and Empire universes - when/why did the Earth turn radioactive?

Having read the Robot, Empire, and Foundation novels in a haphazard order, I was wondering when the Earth was turned radioactive and was it ever explained why?
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