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Eric Flint is an American author of science fiction and fantasy, born in 1947.

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Are there any meaningful differences between old and new Belisarius series?

It seems that the original Belisarius series by Eric Flint and David Drake was recently republished as a trilogy, combining 2 books in 1. E.g. "Belisarius I Thunder at Dawn" = "An Oblique Approach" + ...
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Why was Cardinal Richeleu one of the main antagonists in 1632?

Is there some historically valid reason why Flint chose to portray Cardinal Richeleu as the "Big Bad Opponent" of the 1632 universe where Grantville ended up? In reality Richeleu was considered a ...
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Is Flint’s “1812: The Rivers of War” in the “1632” Assiti Shards Universe?

Is Eric Flint’s Trail of Glory series (1812: The Rivers of War and 1824: The Arkansas War) in the Assiti Shards multiverse (a.k.a. 1632/Ring-of-Fire Universe)? On one hand, neither of the three wiki ...
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