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"E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" is a Steven Spielberg science fiction film released in 1982. There are two novelizations as well.

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What are the limits of E.T.'s telekinesis abilities?

During the film, we see E.T. move several things by telekinesis several times, such as with the apples to represent planets, and then later the bike, and then at the end of the film Are there ...
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How old was E.T.?

In E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial, the titular character acts pretty immaturely at times. For example, he follows a random, obviously planted candy trail, on a hostile planet, drinks alcohol without ...
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What species other than humans and E.T.s managed to survive from the galaxy far far away until E.T. the Extraterrestrial was released? [duplicate]

What species other than humans and E.T.s managed to survive from the galaxy far far away and a long time ago until E.T. the Extraterrestrial phoned home?
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Was Yoda's departure an intentional reference to E.T.?

In Revenge of the Sith Yoda bids farewell to Tarfful and Chewie on Kashyyyk. Interestingly, there are some major similarities between that scene and the goodbye-scene from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. ...
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Why do all the fantasy and sci-fi movies and novels show extra-terrestrials as intelligent beings and more powerful than humans [closed]

I have always wondered that why do all the movies and sci-fi novels show ET's as more intelligent and powerful than us. Can't they be just dumb or below us in the intelligence aspect? Apart from this,...
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Ark of the Covenant on Ryloth?

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, in S1E21 : Liberty on Ryloth, there is a scene where it appears the droids are loading the Ark of the Covenant onto a ship as the pillage the planet while they evacuate. ...
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In the E.T. Movie, or in the novels, is there an indication to an actual galaxy that's his fictional home?

In movies and sometimes books, an alien species on earth will point at a star or galaxy, if not outright name an actual galaxy they're from. Is there a specific reference made in the movie or the two ...
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Does E.T. have very high IQ?

Is this pure speculation or would the IQ of ET be around 300? I read some scifi works have stated that the IQ of certain characters were this and that, was there anything like that for E.T?
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How 10 yr old Elliott developed the makeshift communicator in E.T

How did 10 yr old Elliott [not even a genius as portrayed in the film] develop the makeshift communicator [used by E.T. to phone home] which scientists from all over the world have failed to develop ...
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How was E.T character created in the movie E.T -The Extra Terrestrial?

All those who are familiar with this movie, please tell me how the character was created, and using what. At that time in 1982, it was not possible to create such a live character walking, talking, ...
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What was the change made by Spielberg to E.T.?

Some people at work, while discussing "Han Shot First", noted that Spielberg made pretty bad changes as well, so it's not like Lucas was the only one. But nobody remembered anything specific, other ...
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Was E.T. a Jedi? [closed]

I came to this thought that E.T. was in fact a Jedi (or at least Force-sensitive) and the more I think about it, the more it seems possible. This would explain many things. First, we already know ...
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Why do E.T. and Elliott get sick and how do they recover?

There's many ways to explain what happened in the movie, so I will leave that to a quote form E.T. Wikipedia article : On Halloween, Michael and Elliott dress E.T. as a ghost so they can sneak him ...
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Are E.T. and Star Wars in the same universe?

An answer about the Star Wars timeline, uses the appearance of E.T.-like creatures in the Star Wars universe as a frame of reference for dating the sagas relative to our present day. I remember ...
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