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A fantasy creature—often smaller than a human—that helps to guide or manipulate a character within a fictional universe.

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Old management game in which you could send fairy critters to do work, like chopping down trees and building a house

Roughly in 2005-2008 I was playing a game, but I remember very little about it and I've been looking for it since forever. What I remember: Might have been a DVD/online game, it ran on Windows XP ...
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Fairy fantasy book about magic based on a points system?

I remember checking out a book from my library maybe 5-10 years ago. It was a hardcover purple and white book that might have had a pair of wings on the cover. I can’t remember the title. (It might ...
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Book in which a girl finds out she’s a fairy and sees a future where her mother is in a car crash

I’m looking for a book I read back in 2011-2012. I remember it was a girl that discovered she was a fairy. She had a companion travel dimensions with her. The biggest detail I remember is that she ...
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Book/novel about a girl who lives in the human world and finds out she's a fairy princess whose parents are the king and queen of the fairies' realm

I’ve been trying to search for this novel that I remember reading years ago. It’s about a girl who lives in the human world. She has a best friend and a boyfriend. She then finds out that she is a ...
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What is the earliest mention of fae being able to literally steal a human's name?

There is a trope circulating on the internet that if a fae (or fairy, elf, etc.) asks for your name, and you give it to them, they can literally take your name from you, leaving you nameless. How far ...
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Sci-fi/fantasy fae book about a girl whose family place a geas on her, causing her to be unable to escape the town

I'm looking for a book published between 2013 to 2019. At the beginning of the book, the kids are all sitting around looking for someone they'll fall for, who they'll live with for a year and, if ...
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Book about a girl who found a portal in the woods to a violent and ruthless fairy world

From what I remember this girl found a portal in the woods to a fairy world but the fairies went more along with Grimm tales, they were violent and ruthless. A lot of people are trying to kidnap her ...
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A fairy fantasy, possibly a trilogy - a woman lives in and used to be a tree, a house built with right-angles and iron

I can’t remember many details, but I’d love to read it again. It starts off with a girl going to a small village. There was a tree, a woman lived in it or near it with her daughters. The tree used to ...
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Looking for a Fae book that includes the Cú Sidhe

What I can remember from the book is it was in a modern setting with a portal that took the main character into the fae world through a graffiti mural? The cú sídhe were involved towards the end in a ...
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A girl discovers she has fairy blood, becomes a fairy then a mermaid

It basically has a girl who comes across fairies and figures out she has fairy blood too. When her parents figure it out, they host a little party for the fairies and their girl who's going to be a ...
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Book about a girl who finds out she was a fairy sent away to keep her safe, and gets sent someone to protect her

I’m pretty sure the cover has the girl in a dress sitting down next to a pool of water. She was born a fairy but brought up as human and eventually finds out she was actually a fairy sent away for her ...
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7 votes
3 answers

What's the first example of fairies being divided into Summer and Winter Courts?

Modern fiction about fairies often describes them as being divided into Summer and Winter Courts, sometimes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Courts. A lot of people seem to believe that this is an ...
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Book series in which fairies can become human and return to being fairies if they die

When I was in high school, I found this book series that I started reading. I'm pretty sure it's only 3 books long but high school was 5 years ago. It pops it my head every now and than and now I want ...
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Book set in a time of dragons featuring a boy and his dragon saving their homeland from weird monsters [duplicate]

I have been trying to remember the title of a book I read like a year ago. It is based in a time of dragons and the two main characters in the book is a boy and a dragon. The boy and dragon are ...
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'80s–'90s anime about robot fairies fighting

I've been trying to find the name of an anime from my childhood. From what I can remember, the main plot was basically about like these fairy-like robots fighting in a tournament. Sorry if the ...
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Anime about a girl whose necklace can summon musical fairies

I’m looking for an anime whose name I forgot, it had something to do with the main character's necklace and it somehow brought like music fairies to help her. It’s been a long time so I can’t remember ...
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searching for a short story with a theme park full of robotic fair folk powered by uploaded personalities

A short scifi story in an anthology of short scifi stories - Setting is an entirely automated amusement park with a sort of Land Of Faerie theme. All park character robots are controlled by AIs ...
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Story with a white cover about a girl that falls in love with werewolf [closed]

I read the book in middle school, about ten years ago. It's about a girl that moves and falls in love with a werewolf. I remember that fairies (fae) were involved and the cover was white. It's not ...
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90s/2000s French comic about kids accidentally summoning a monster

I remember this comic from a library in the 90s/early 2000s. It was a bunch of kids, possibly classmates, in a small village that would venture out in the woods and pretend to be druids. At one point ...
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Identification of a Fantasy book About Fairies that are like plants

The Book I read about 4 years ago was about a girl who later in the book starts to grow a flower bud on her back. Turns out she's a fall fairy which is a higher class of fairy. The fairies are ...
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did a fey ever lie? [closed]

the fey. fairies. the (un)seelie. every fan of tales about fey worth his bread knows that these creatures cannot tell an outright lie. it's a known trope: fairies can dance around the truth, can lie ...
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Book, possibly YA, about a young girl with fey powers, sought by fey royalty to destroy the human world

A young girl finds out she has fey powers, and the fey queen wants to use her to destroy the human world. The dark fey king turns out to be her uncle and trains her. Meanwhile she falls for the guy ...
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Children/ Young Adult Fantasy Book featuring fairies

I'm looking for a book of fairy stories by a single author that my teacher gave me in the late 70s in grade 5. The book starts with a girl exploring. She finds a tunnel that passes through a mountain ...
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Why did the author choose 3 min 4 sec to be stolen by the Sídhe?

In Peadar Ó Guilín's the Call series, why did the author choose for the Sídhe to steal teenagers away to the Grey Land for exactly 3 minutes and 4 seconds? Was this length of time, or proportion of a ...
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Did the word 'pillywiggin' exist (in print) before 1977?

I’m looking for anything published before 1977 which mentions pillywiggins (or any similar words). They would be fairies or just small creatures associated with flowers. These creatures have appeared ...
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Children's book about fairies and purple cards with poems

I don’t remember much but it was a children's book. I’m pretty sure it was about fairies, inside there were small inserts that were purple pieces of card with poems on.
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Books about semi-modern alternate world of demons and fairies; protagonist from real world enters fray

I'm trying to recall the name of a series, likely published from 2005-2010, which went something like this: An awkward, teenaged boy protagonist (possibly slightly overweight?) somehow enters a world ...
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Story collection with upper-class fairies who amputate their wings?

I was recently reading Tad Williams' "War of the Flowers" and one detail reminded me of something I read a while ago: it was a collection of short stories about elves and fairies - the detail was that ...
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Old book about three girls unlocking their (fairy?) powers thanks to a magical stone

I read the book 5 years ago and I forgot the name. It has a light pink cover with a short-hair fairy on it. First few pages are comics and then words. I can barely remember the content but it's ...
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Why does Strephon look like he is 25?

Why does the council of peers correctly assume Strephon's age? Stephen is fairy down to his waist due to his fairy mother but below that is human. Also it is clearly stated that all fairies appear to ...
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Early 2000's fairy fantasy book series with mountain range on cover

I read a book series a couple years ago that I am trying to find. The first book had a mountain range on the cover and I believe the title had "Gaia" in it. It was about a young girl with green eyes ...
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Fantasy Book involving a Child getting taught by different Wizards

I am looking for a book I read that involved a Child who met a few different wizards who teach the child something. I remember one took him to the Faerie realm and he was taken through a Market where ...
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Identifying a book about a girl who has the fey sight?

I was wondering if you could help me find a book I read awhile ago when I was younger. It could be a YA book or a juvenile book, I'm not sure. I just remember that this girl has The Sight, she can ...
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Why does Tinker Bell need fairy dust to fly given that she has wings?

My daughter keeps asking me this good question. She is watching Disney's Tinker Bell movies, in which fairies are producing and using fairy dust to be able to fly. Is this only the case in the Tinker ...
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What is the origin of elves (and fairies and Vulcans) having pointy ears?

Related: Do Tolkien's elves have pointy ears? and Why do Vulcans have pointed ears? I doubt Tolkien is the origin. How far back in literature or mythology does it go?
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What's the difference between faries and pixies? [closed]

I am struggling to find a difference? I honestly do not know a difference, I have tried all kinds of folklore books. Tell me a difference?
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Is there a mythical link between Leprechauns and Vampires?

In Supernatural, the brothers are advised in the episode “Clap Your Hands If You Believe” that spilling salt in front of the Leprechaun will slow it down, as he is compelled to count the grains. I ...
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