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For questions about Neil Stephenson's 2019 novel "Fall; or, Dodge in Hell," a partial sequel to "Reamde" featuring the character Richard "Dodge" Forthrast.

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Why are Primula and Daisy perceived to be the same?

In Fall, or Dodge in Hell it appears that the bitspace character of Sophia is reincarnated as both Primula and Daisy. Now both primula and daisy are kinds of common flowers, but they are by no means ...
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Is the background of Neal Stephenson's character Root revealed in previous novels?

Many years ago I started reading the Baroque series by Neal Stephenson. I really hated it and abandoned it without finishing, but I was intrigued by his enigmatic character of Root, who was long-lived ...
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In Neal Stephenson’s "Fall; Or, Dodge In Hell", which Meatspace characters are identified with which Bitspace characters?

Spoilers for Fall; Or, Dodge In Hell.
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