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Questions tagged [flying-brooms]

For questions related to Brooms used in SF&F settings as a device for flying. Always use in conjunction with the specific work tag for the work you are asking about, for example, [harry-potter].

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What is the highest altitude for riding a broomstick? [duplicate]

What is the highest altitude a witch or wizard can ride a broomstick? Do they provide some magic to protect the rider from altitude sickness? Of course this is not a problem in England, but it could ...
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Why are flying carpets banned while flying brooms are not?

Before the Quidditch World Cup, Mr. Crouch Sr. says: “Oh and I’ve been wanting a word with you too, Arthur,” said Mr. Crouch, his sharp eyes falling upon Mr. Weasley. “Ali Bashir’s on the warpath. He ...
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Why is there no broom-flying license test for wizards?

At Hogwart students learn how to fly, but nobody check their flying abilities. Brooms can be compared to bicycles, and some countries require bicycle licensing. Why are there are no laws governing ...
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How does one ride a broom in Harry Potter films?

I was wondering, after watching the Harry Potter films several times earlier, the way the witches and wizards fly on brooms is quite impossible the way I see it. Sitting on such a thin broom is ...
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Does summoning a broomstick count as wandless magic?

Wandless magic is supposed to happen only when the caster is experiencing strong emotions, if that person is inexperienced. However, Harry was able to summon his broomstick wandlessly in his first ...
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Could two people fly on one broomstick? [duplicate]

That's the question- could two people fly on the same broomstick together? Or would they be too heavy?
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Which is the most expensive broom in current canon? [duplicate]

There are many flying brooms in the world of Harry Potter, like the Nimbus series, the Cleansweep series, the Firebolt etc. However, I didn't find any concrete information about which broom is the ...
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Why did Harry think buying a Firebolt would clean out his bank?

In this question, it is speculated on the amount of money that belongs to Harry. In it, it's mentioned a Firebolt broom costs about 400-1000 Galleons. My problem is thus: in the books, Harry is under ...
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Are there any indications of the Firebolt's cost from JKR?

I have seen speculations on this site as to how much Harry's broom actually would've cost him if he'd decided to buy it. Some say a thousand Galleons, others much more than that. Is there any ...
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What brooms do the Weasleys own?

I know the Weasleys all use older brooms, but do we know what brooms they own? I remember that over the summer Harry and the Weasleys all play pick up games of Quidditch in the woods near the ...
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Why didn't Draco Malfoy buy a Firebolt?

After Harry was gifted a Firebolt by his godfather Sirius Black, why didn't Draco Malfoy buy a Firebolt, seeing as he bought a Nimbus 2001 after seeing Harry with his Nimbus 2000.
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Is it possible to modify flying brooms?

Like in real life and the Fast & Furious, vehicles are modified with custom parts to customize various aspects of the vehicle like speed, acceleration, control, etc. Is it ever done with flying ...
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20 votes
4 answers

How does a broomstick determine which rider is in control?

In Harry Potter, how does the broomstick know who to listen to when there is more than one person on it? Is it the person in the front? The person using hands holding it? The first person to get on? ...
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What is Harry’s latest broom?

After the destruction of his Nimbus 2000, Harry received a Firebolt as a Christmas present. Is the Firebolt the last broom he received, or did he get a newer broom during the course of the books?
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Can Muggles ride broomsticks?

It doesn't seem like riding a broom requires a wand, though IIRC they do have to say "Up!" to ...animate (right word?) the broom. Does this qualify as magic that only wizards can do? If so, could a ...
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Book where children trained in magic, fashioned aerial vehicles

Pretty sure I read this when I was a kid. Perhaps 7 years ago. Newish then. This kid is struggling to carve his magic "flying insect" vehicle. He suddenly finds inspiration and models it on a ...
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Why Doesn't Hermione Fly On a Broom?

In canon, I recall Hermione riding a broom once -- when escaping the Fiendfyre in the Room of Requirement during the Battle of Hogwarts. Even then, she was sitting behind Ron and Ron was in control of ...
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What's the origin of Flying Brooms? [closed]

After hearing "flying brooms", everyone thinks about Harry Potter first. But, I don't give J.K.Rowling credit for this because I encountered flying brooms when I was kid in the 90s before she created ...
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