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For questions about force fields in works of science fiction and fantasy.

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Is there a faction using the Lasgun / Shield reaction?

Just rewatched the new Dune movie and had to explain to a friend why melee combat is a thing. I then started wondering: this could very well be used as an offensive weapon. Emphasis by me: Lasguns ...
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Looking for a story, from maybe the 1960's, in which an experimental world is rapidly evolved to solve problems [duplicate]

My memory is unreliable. but... What I recall is a story about someone who develops life from scratch in a small contained laboratory vessel, then accelerates evolution super fast until the life forms ...
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Which was the first story to feature force fields?

In science fiction series and movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, The war of the worlds, Independence Day (1996) , Macross (1982) , spaceships and/or robots use force fields to protect the mechas from ...
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