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Questions tagged [foundation-2021]

For the 2021 Foundation TV series on Apple TV+, based on the book series of the same name by Isaac Asimov

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In the "Foundation" TV series, what is the plan for a civilization that's NOT tyrannical?

Harry, at some point, speaks to how his plan is not just a replacement for the current Empire that would eventually become tyrannical but for something better. Would someone remind me of this plan ...
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How come there is oxygen on Terminus? (Foundation: Isaac Asimov / Apple TV Series)

The planet is supposedly a frozen rock with little to no biosphere. There don't seem to be any trees or other plants capable of photosynthesis.
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The word "decant" for clone generation

Where did the meaning "To remove a clone from its chamber, vat, or artificial womb" (wiktionary) for the word decant originate? The wiktionary entry does not cite an usage and the OED entry ...
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What does Hari Seldon mean by 'the hook'?

In the second episode of Foundation, in a scene where Hari and Gaal are talking in the meeting/conference room in between court sessions, Hari asks Gaal if the "hook" hurts to which she ...
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Demerzel and the Laws of Robotics

In S01E10, we see Demerzel violate the First Law by Does this mean she is not bound by the Laws of Robotics at all, or is there an alternate explanation that allows her to occasionally violate them ...
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Does anyone in the Empire have legal authority to end Clone Dynasty program?

In the beginning of Foundation TV series, Hari Seldon warned Emperors about Clone Dynasty and instructed them to end this program. At that time, I thought that Emperors had authority to do that. They ...
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Why did Seer Church let Gaal Dornick leave Synnax?

When Gaal Dornick was leaving Synnax, everyone knew that she was a mathematician who was going to Sterling University on Trantor (that's why they were avoiding her). Given, being a mathematician was ...
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Why are Gaal Dornick and Salvor Hardin special?

Gaal Dornick being able to count big primes can be considered extraordinary academic ability, but she and Salvor Hardin were also capable of being conscious during hyperspace jump. How could their ...
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Does the Foundation show use elements from the prequel books?

I've read the Foundation trilogy and its two sequels, but none of the prequels. The new tv show has a lot of elements which weren't in the original Foundation novellas. Are these things taken from the ...
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