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For questions about stories in the military SF series "Frontlines" ("Andrew Grayson") by Marko Kloos. It is set on 22nd-century Earth and its interstellar colonies where Earth-based power blocs war with each other even while under attack from the alien "Lankies."

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Did Andrew Grayson resign, or not?

In Fields of Fire, Andrew Grayson comments that I have a promise to keep to the Lazarus Brigades, to train their troops for a year and a half, and I'll have to resign my commission to keep that ...
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Why does Andrew Grayson have his 9mm pistol back before dropping down to New Svalbard?

In Points of Impact by Marko Kloos, Captain Andrew Grayson is given a dressing down, by the CO of the ship Ottawa, for having a personal pistol in his room, after being asked to turn them all in upon ...
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In Frontlines, by Marko Kloos, why did Sergeant Fallon get a Medal of Honor?

The series Frontlines (2013-2018) states many times that Sergeant Fallon is one of the few living people who have received the Medal of Honor, however I cannot find anywhere why she got it.
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Why is this Lanky Ship alone and acting unusually?

In the battle in the Fomalhaut system after the Solar System is attacked and Grayson is stranded with a small portion of the fleet, the Lanky seed-ship behaves in some very strange ways. It deposits ...
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