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An animated science-fiction TV series [1999-2003, continued 2010-2013], showing the adventures of a 20th century man (Philip J. Fry) woken from a cryogenic sleep into a retro-futuristic 31st century, with strong absurdist leanings.

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Did Mom have a chicken farm?

In 'Bender's Game' we see that Mom had been farming dark matter from the Nibblonians. To get the dark matter she force-fed chickens to the Nibblonians. If it was their only food it would take ...
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How many parallel universes exist in Futurama?

In the first season, Fry is taken to and shown the edge of the universe, which looks onto a parallel universe. Fry turns to the Professor and asks, "Is there an infinite number of universes?," and the ...
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What happens to a time sphere if no one chooses to use it?

In the episode Bender's Big Score a time sphere is summoned and Nibbler warns that a single use could tear the universe asunder. What would happen to the time sphere itself if Nibbler's warning was ...
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Was there a version of "Law and Oracle" where Schrödinger's cat is dead?

I was certain there was a version of the Futurama episode where Schrödinger's cat was dead
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Is the Lamprey Vivant dish in Disenchantment related to the creature in the Futurama movies?

Is the Lamprey Vivant dish in Disenchantment in any way related to the creature in the Futurama movies? Disenchantment: Season 1 Episode 6 - 14:30
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