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Use this tag for questions about the science fiction or fantasy elements in a game, or questions about a game in a work of science fiction or fantasy. Not to be used for video games: such questions should be tagged with [video-games]. Always use in conjunction with the specific work tag.

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Was Tenser the Dungeons & Dragons character named after the song from Bester's The Demolished Man?

One of the original characters in E. Gary Gygax's Greyhawk Dungeons & Dragons campaign was Tenser, created by Gygax's son Ernie. The name is an anagram of "Ernest," which was the legal ...
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Game where an alien (antagonist) race got smarter in combat

I believe this was part of the background for an RPG I might have played briefly once, more than 20 years ago. The bit that stayed with me is the alien race, whose average intelligence is normally not ...
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Where can I find Harry Potter game called "Pottermore"? [closed]

What is the Pottermore game and where can I play this?
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Book about a group who uses a video game to plan a revolution

I'm trying to recall the name of a book I vaguely remember. The plot is about a dystopian world where a group (of kids) use a video/computer game to communicate with each other and plan their ...
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Space Centurions V

About 1977 some friends and I played a game called ‘Space Centurions V’ (5). It was a play by mail game, colonizing and conquering planets. I am inventing a similar game and wonder if anyone has a ...
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What are some indoor games played in the Potterverse?

We know that Quidditch is one of the most famous games in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. It is an outdoor game created by J K Rowling. What are some of the indoor games played by the wizards in ...
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2D RPG Fantasy PC Flash Game with 3 Characters - Ghost, Witch and Vampire

I couldn't find the game or the name of the game I played in the 2000s and was looking to see if anyone remember it. It wasn't a very popular game, and I believe I played it on PC on an online ...
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Novel about a violent televised Football game played in an area of the actual city. Very similar to Rollerball

Novel from 70s or 80s. Pretty sure it was a Hardback (checked out from library) in English. The setting was very similar to the Rollerball (1975) movie. The broadcast of the show is the "Bread and ...
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80s/90s children's sci-fi novel where children play a game where they are insects

It's a science fiction and maybe horror book for kids written in either the 80s or 90s. I'm fairly certain it's part of a series with different authours for each book. I’m also fairly certain that the ...
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How is Blitzball played?

One of the most popular pastimes in Spira is the game of Blitzball. From what I gather, it is played underwater in a giant spherical pool with the aim of scoring the ball in an opposing team's (...
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Can a warlock pact be inherited

Either in the sense that the pact Is passed down from parent to child or in the sense that a parent could make a pact for an unborn child without their permission? (I understand that ultimately its ...
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Terminology for a macro scale "Grey Goo" Scenario

Ive recently been playing which, in large part, features the typical grey goo scenario (Automated manufacturers consuming all life on Earth in their efforts to endlessly reproduce). The difference ...
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Looking for short story about humans forced to play alien game

Back in the mid-1960's I read a short story about a small group of humans that were being held captive by an alien. The alien forced them to play some sort of game, but didn't tell them the rules. ...
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Book in which citizens earned money for playing video games

Does anyone know the name of this book? I don't remember the title but I remember some details about it. it was a world where you played video games to earn money ; there were guilds and it was told ...
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In Fighting Fantasy books, what is considered “one item”?

Step 313 in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain says, in part: He wears a suit of leather armor no better than your own, holds a wooden shield on one wrist and clutches a steel-bladed sword in his other ...
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Book about a boy who plays a video game that turns out to be a job interview [duplicate]

The plot goes like this: a boy goes to an arcade and plays a game with this girl. He is the pilot and she is the shooter. Somewhere in middle of the game they switch places. It turns out that the game ...
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Identify a fantasy novel about a boy who gains powers from his MUD character

I got this novel from a Scholastic book fair at my elementary school in the mid 90s. It featured a kid who regularly played MUDs with his friends. In the text-based game world, he had an unusual power ...
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Does anyone express concerns about Quidditch?

We seem to be in broad agreement on the question of "is Quidditch an inherently flawed sport?" (spoiler alert, yes) Magic or not, the rules of logic, mathematics and economics apply. You don'...
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Why isn't Dawn Summers in Chaos Bleeds?

It's been about 2-3 years since I've seen Buffy I finished Buffy seasons 1-4 and Angel season 1. I played Chaos Bleeds ~a decade ago. I'm now watching Buffy season 5 and Angel season 2. I know what's ...
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Novel about a computer game with secrecy

This is a young adult novel I read within the last 5 years, but I can't say it was new at the time. (what I remember) Near future. The main character is a high-school boy. There is a new computer ...
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What is the correct order to read the Diablo books series?

I'm starting to read the Diablo books series and I'm looking for correct order of books to start reading. Is there any recommended order for this book series?
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aliens teach humans a board game, report of title match

The short-story is an account of a title-match between two humans at a board-game that aliens taught humans. The account is by a child. Captain someone went space-exploring and encountered aliens. ...
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What's the relationship of Harry Potter Trading Card Game to J. K. Rowling?

The Wikia page doesn't seem to reflect on canonicity level of Harry Potter Trading Card Game. For myself, I'm defining canonicity on two independent axis: How much input did J. K. Rowling have into ...
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Story about living gun and bullets

EDIT: This question started here, but from the comments, I was told it might be better on RPG SE. So, I've asked it there as well. I don't know if I am supposed to delete this question or what. ...
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How to play Thud!?

There is a page devoted to the game of Thud! from Pratchett's Discworld, but it is not well maintained. They have the semi-official rules to play, but I am afraid they are incomplete and quite obscure....
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Short story about an immersive video game with a fantasy dungeon crawl theme

I read this some time in the 80's, and I am fairly certain it was in a magazine (most likely Dragon Magazine). The story was about a girl who played a thief-like character in an online video game. I ...
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