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Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991) was the creator of the Star Trek universe, including specifically The Original Series and The Next Generation television series. He also oversaw the transition of the planned Star Trek Phase II into Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He is credited in each Star Trek-based television series, film, novel, comic book, or game for his founding contributions.

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Where did the "Noonien Wang"/"Kim Noonien Singh" story originally come from?

It's often said that Roddenberry chose the name "Khan Noonien Singh", and later "Noonien Soong", as an attempt at reuniting with a pilot he became friends with in WW2, with ...
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Gene Roddenberry and "Star Trek: The Motion Picture"

In Roddenberry's novelization Star Trek: The Motion Picture 40th Anniversary Edition there are some curious items that are added that I don't recall in the film or the series: Page 1: Starfleet ...
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Did the original Star Trek borrow from Dune?

In the past I claimed that Dune heavily influenced Star Trek but a friend pointed out that Dune and Star Trek were both made public in a similar time frame (less than one year apart). So maybe Star ...
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Did Gene Roddenberry ever react to 'Vulcans are Space Elves'?

According to this answer, Gene Roddenberry wanted the Vulcans to look "satanic": From a behind the scenes perspective, prosthetic ears were easy to do, but also, Gene Roddenberry wanted a ...
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Why did Gene Roddenberry write a letter together with three Harvard-Smithsonian astronomers about the planet Vulcan?

News of the discovery of a potentially habitable planet around the star 40 Eridani A (about 16 light-years away) is interesting for reasons including a 1991 letter described below in Sky & ...
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What's the first canon indication that Sulu is Japanese?

This comment claims that Sulu is not a Japanese name (technically true), but I always assumed that Gene Roddenberry intended the name to be Japanese but he was just oblivious or ignorant. It ...
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Did Gene Roddenberry find Noonien?

Recently, I read that Gene Roddenberry purposefully placed the name Noonien into his Star Trek works as he was trying to contact an old friend of his, Kim Noonien Singh. Khan Noonien Singh and Doctor ...
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Was Gene Roddenberry directly influenced by Logical Positivism when he came up with Spock?

As a student of philosophy, it's hard not to notice the similarities between a school of philosophy know as Logical Positivism and Vulcan Culture. See the following definitions: logical ...
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Which episode is Gene Roddenberry referring to?

Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov had some communication after Asimov wrote some disparaging comments about the scientific accuracy of Star Trek. They eventually became firm friends and Roddenberry ...
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How did Gene Roddenberry’s death affect the development of Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Gene Roddenberry died in 1991 halfway through Star Trek: The Next Generation. He'd been sick for a while and, according to Rick Berman, his "hands-on involvement in The Next Generation diminished ...
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Why was the character of Captain Kirk given the middle name "Tiberius"?

There is a question about why Kirk's middle name was Tiberius from an in-universe perspective. The answers explain that Kirk was given the name after his grandfather (Tiberius Kirk) and that his ...
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Did any Star Trek actors have issues with the anti-religious nature of the series?

We know from the question Do Earth religions persist in Star Trek? that Gene Roddenberry wanted the world of Star Trek to be a world that had "outgrown" religion. However, some Star Trek actors, such ...
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Did Gene Roddenberry really want every ST series to end after 7 seasons?

I am not sure if this is a real fact or just rumor. I heard that TNG ended because it was Gene's wish that the series not continue past 7 seasons. I am not sure if that is real or not. Is it? Is that ...
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What was the general critical reaction to Star Trek: The Motion Picture?

I thought it was a good movie, yet I'm always hearing people complain about how the plot was terrible and so on. What critical reactions were there to the film and which elements failed in the eyes of ...
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Was a Lwaxana Troi sitcom actually planned?

A few years ago, I found the following claim on a random blog: at one point during the early TNG years, Gene Roddenberry had proposed a "Lwaxana Troi sitcom", starring his wife Majel Barrett-...
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Was Roddenberry really so far ahead of his time on race?

Gene Roddenberry is often credited with being revolutionary in his treatment of race equality in the characters of Chekov, Sulu, and especially Uhura. The on-screen kiss between Shatner and Nichols ...
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Did George Lucas ever meet Gene Roddenberry?

Did the two ever meet and speak about their respective works? It's surprisingly hard to find information on this through the usual channels (meaning Google). I'd be interested to know.
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Does Star Trek's adherence to naval tradition have roots in NASA or earlier real organizations or works?

Is it well established that Star Trek follows naval tradition. For example its ranks come from USN. Ships share names with real Earth vessels, etc. I was surprised that the contingency speech on the ...
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Why does Lyra-a have two belly buttons?

In the 1973 TV movie Genesis II, Lyra-a, a Tyranian (a mutant played by Mariette Hartley), shows Dylan Hunt her belly buttons. Did Gene Roddenberry provide an in-universe explanation as to what causes ...
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What evidence exists supporting that Roddenberry thought of TOS as non-canon?

I've seen some people claiming (and some repeating it) that Gene Roddenberry intended TOS to be excluded from Star Trek canon after making the first episodes of TNG. I failed to find any evidence ...
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Star Trek and Andromeda: are they contiguous?

Gene Roddenberry created both Star Trek and Andromeda (or the idea for Andromeda, anyways). Being that Andromeda is set thousands of years in the future, while Star Trek is hundreds of years, is ...
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What were the *other* two original Star Trek pilot stories submitted to NBC?

When initially commissioned by NBC to write a pilot episode for Star Trek in 1964, Gene Roddenberry submitted three story outlines. Out of these three, the one that became "The Cage" was chosen by the ...
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Differences between humanity's behaviour in Star Trek and Earth: Final Conflict

I've seen/heard many comments about how Gene Roddenberry used Star Trek to promote a utopian vision of the future, where humanity is morally good, in general (conflict is typically provided by other ...
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Was Roddenberry involved in the creation of Deep Space Nine or Voyager before he died?

I know that Roddenberry took a less and less active role in TNG as his health deteriorated. He died before the release of Deep Space Nine or Voyager. Did he having anything to do with the creation ...
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Is the Star Trek (2009) movie considered canon?

While I think the Star Trek (2009) movie was pretty cool looking, its story-line wreaks total havoc with all the existing post original series content. I know that Gene Roddenberry was very strict ...
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