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The branch of biology that deals with heredity, especially the mechanisms of hereditary transmission and the variation of inherited characteristics among similar or related organisms.

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How do Human-Twi'lek hybrids work in Star Wars?

So, Twi'lek hybrids have appeared in Star Wars Canon in two mediums. The animated Clone Wars and the recent live-action Ahsoka TV series. In the Clone Wars, a clone trooper deserts and marries a pink ...
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Trying to find a book with space dragons, genetically modified humans and a dual universe

When I was younger I read this Sci fi book from the library with a green hardcover surface. I remember there was an antagonist that was a human who had improved his physical abilities with Orangutan ...
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Short story about intelligence being only an evolutionary stage to ensure interstellar propagation [duplicate]

Main character is a schoolteacher on one of the first human colonies in space. He is puzzled over and concerned with the uniform lack of intellect he is observing in his students, especially since ...
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Novel where a pregnant woman carrying a manipulated zygote is spirited away

I think the opening takes place in a lab manipulating a zygote; not sure if in vitro or vivo. Krebs cycle is mentioned. A woman carrying the embryo is spirited away. The elite class of maybe immortals ...
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An OLD anime about a boy with "demonic" powers joins with 2 others to fight aliens who use humans for genetics experiments

The Boy's upbringing was similar to that of Goku from Dragonball. Once the people of his village found out about the boy, they burn Grandpa's home to the ground around them killing the old man. The ...
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What is the origin of the DNA sequence projected onto the Velociraptor?

Towards the end of Jurassic Park, there is a scene where a nucleotide sequence is projected onto a velociraptor. I originally watched this movie in 1994, and after recently re-watching it, I'm ...
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Did the Cheela on Dragon's Egg have twelve-stranded "DNA"?

The answer to my question “There were either twelve sexes or none.” explains that there were actually either five sexes or none. I remember being confused at the time how DNA (or similar genetic ...
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Are Elantrians' kids Elantrian or human?

In "The Hope of Elantris", it is revealed at the very end that (major spoilers) so apparently the Elantrians can reproduce. What would the kid look like? Human? Elantrian? Some mix? What would the ...
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In Assassin’s Creed how can Eagle Vision be passed through the family?

How can the Assassin’s Creed sense, Eagle Vision be given to an Assassin’s child in Assassin’s Creed when the majority of Assassins in Assassin’s Creed are male and the females that the Assassin males ...
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ANALOG story about Genetic engineering

OK, tricky one. I know the title, not the author. Sometime in the last couple decades, ANALOG magazine ran a story called "Super Hero" about a robbery of a submarine sandwich shop (hence the pun ...
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Does a half-blood or Muggle-born have less skill with magic than a pure-blood?

Draco Malfoy and the rest of his family are pure-bloods and take immense pride in that. Why are pure-bloods different from half-bloods or Muggle-borns? Do they have more natural magical talent? ...
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On Roshar, can humans have a light eye and a dark eye?

In the Stormlight Archive series, there are lighteyes, the ruling class of Alethkar, and darkeyes, mere peasants. I know that genetics are different in these books from in real life, so here’s my ...
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Science Fiction Series about human scientists forced to live on high gravity planet by stronger aliens

I'm trying to find the name of a series about a ship of scientists captured by aliens and forced to live on a planet with a gravity force greater than Earth's. The aliens are much stronger and faster ...
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Moclan demographics and genetics

In "About A Girl" we learn that, Yet not only do we later learn that Clearly this seems indicate the original claim as wrong, although there are a number of possible resolutions: What is the ...
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Should Wizards be capable of having Squib children in HPMOR?

In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry explains muggles, squibs and wizards with a genetic marker (a single gene on two chromosomes). So, muggles have none, squibs have one and wizards ...
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Sci-Fi short story, narrator is guy in limo, jobs assigned by your genetics

This story is narrated by a guy in a limo. He lives in a world where jobs are assigned to you depending on your genetics and of all other humans. He is genetically assigned to enjoy all the other ...
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Can genetics explain the various magical abilities?

This post quoted a webchat with JKR: How can two Muggles have a kid with magical powers? [...] A. It's the same as two black-haired people producing a redheaded child. Sometimes these ...
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How are supernatural traits inherited in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"?

All demons in Buffy are part human, and therefore capable of interbreeding. So what happens when they do? For instance, would the child of a bracken demon and a polgara have face spikes and big arm ...
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Chromosomes: Vulcan vs Spock vs humans [closed]

How many chromosomes does a Vulcan have? How many does Spock have? Would one have alleles that would automatically outweigh all of the others? Is it possible for a half human half Vulcan to have ...
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What was abnormal in Hanna's DNA?

In the movie Hanna (2011), DNA was manipulated by the CIA to create super-soldiers. In the this clip, we see at 00:55 a lab report marked "Abnormal". In the lower left-hand corner can be seen the ...
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What evidence supports the idea that Voldemort (or others) could use magic to develop witches/wizards with genetically engineered/enhanced abilities? [closed]

I am seeking additional supporting canon evidence for the idea that within the Potterverse, it would be potentially possible to use magic to genetically engineer/enhance witches/wizards to have ...
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Why are there so few Parselmouths?

JK Rowling has stated that Parseltongue is different from other languages. You can learn to understand it (like Dumbledore) and even mimick it to some degree (like Ron did), but actually knowing ...
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Why Mystique can't do what Sentinels are doing? [duplicate]

Sentinels are mainly based on Mystique's Gene, therefore they can transform and adapt to any target. Then why Mystique herself can't do these? (she just changes her appearance and voice)
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Book about a boy (man?) who was genetically modified by his father

I believe this book was published in the 1970s or 1980s. What I remember is that it was about a boy whose DNA was modified (using insect DNA?) before birth by his father, who was a genetic researcher. ...
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If a muggle and a wizard marry, are their children automatically wizards? [duplicate]

Is there any chance that a muggle marrying a witch or wizard will have a muggle child? Is it 50/50, or will all descendants of wizards automatically be magical?
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Trying to recall a book - cover art heterochromia, plot with genetic mutations and a utopia

My mother remembers reading a book in the 80's, and only clearly remembers the cover art. However the date is irrelevant because she doesn't think it was new. The cover had a face with one brown eye ...
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Book about a planet where DNA swapping between animals humans and metal eating microbes published in 1995 or earlier

I am trying to find a book I read about 19 years ago. I think it was published in 1995 or earlier. The cover was multi-color, a drawing that was a combination of a line drawing and a cartoon-like feel....
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Looking for a book about the beginning of genetic engineering in the near future

A book I read in the mid 2000's was set in the near future, and involved the beginning of human genetic manipulation. Two sides of the USA emerged: the non-mutated and the mutated. The mutated were ...
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Genetic Inheritence in Westeros

In season one of the TV show, Eddard Stark discovers the book which the previous Hand was after. It contains the family trees and descriptions of the houses of Westeros; he discovers that people from ...
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Young Adult book about kids being bred for genetic purity in a world where races no longer exist [duplicate]

I'm looking for a book I read in Junior High (probably) about a world where everyone was basically the same race. One genetically pure male and female teenager of each race still exists. They are ...
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How do the inheritance of Allomantic powers work?

In "Mistborn: The Final Empire," Kelsier mentions that Allomancers have either only one power or all of them. While I can understand that Mistings only have a single power, why the binary choice of ...
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Were Uruks (as a breed) created by Sauron or Saruman in LOTR books?

In the LOTR movie it's implied that Saruman bred and created Uruk-hai. But the Wiki is a bit ambigous on the books - the impression I got was that it was a Saruman stealing the idea from Sauron who ...
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