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Tag for general questions about ghosts. Use [ghost-1990] for questions about the 1990 film featuring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg.

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A book about life as a ghost but being a ghost is only temporary

This was a book I read around ten years ago. I read it in Swedish, unknown if it was translated or not. I remember getting it from the "youth/young adult" section of the library, though that library ...
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Story Identification - Boy invites in a female ghost who was standing under a tree outside his house

This is probably a book (or story in an anthology) from the 80s (or very early 90s). The gist that I recall is that there's a brother and sister who see a woman standing under a tree outside their ...
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Short story about supernatural police detective buying a victim's ghost to investigate a murder

There is a short story that I'm sure I own but cannot find because my collection is too huge. I have the feeling it was only about 20 pages worth of story but I'd really like to read it again. I'd ...
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Movie about family that moves to a ranch to keep horses, and there's a lady ghost searching for "Ian"

In 1999/2000 I recorded a movie on VHS that I watched often and even showed my friends but later lost the tape. In the opening credits a boy drowns in a pond in the 1800's. Then in the 1990's a family ...
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A short story about a haunted room in a partially old mansion. Not "horror", the ghost does no harm

I read this fantasy short story in a collection about 20 years ago. Of course, it could be much older. A rich man who has many friends likes having people around. But it happens that he invites too ...
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Ghost hunter story in Asimov's in the early 90s

This story takes place in the modern era - the main character can see ghosts, some of whom wander the world causing problems (in a manner I don't remember - temporarily possessing people perhaps, or ...
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Comedy anime where the female lead is a ghost

I saw this anime at a friend's house one night during 2016 or 2017. I have been searching for it for the past three years but I was never able to find it. I have previously posted this onto both ...
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Children’s books about a ghostly or magical world that intermingles with our own - not Harry Potter

I read these books in the late 1980s, no earlier than 1987 and no later than 1988. The setting of the books is the modern world, but with a ghostly or hidden world intermingled with it - in a similar ...
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Help identifying film where kids make friends with the ghost of a child who drowned in a weir

I’m trying to find out the title of a 1970s film or may have been series, about some kids who make friends with a boy who turns out to be the ghost. The boy drowned in a weir whilst being chased by ...
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Help identifying anime with a ghost girl who drinks coffee

What I remember of the ~20 minutes that I saw, there was a male student in a school uniform with a jacket who was at their school at night and was being chased around it by a ghost girl drinking ...
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Horror, thriller manga/manhwa about a girl who suicided ended up being a ghost, hoping to escape the realm by achieving the specific time

I can vaguely remember seeing this Manga/Manhwa on a Facebook page about 4, 5 years ago and I haven't finished reading it so I only remember the first few parts. Also I tried to search the page for it ...
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Mid-1990s novel where astronauts visit a moon base and discover the ghosts of the previous crew

I don't remember much about this American novel published in the mid-1990s - I didn't finish it - but now I have a hankering to. It involves astronauts visiting a moonbase that has been abandoned for ...
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Movie about a ghost playing a piano while the protagonist sleeps, then honking the horn of his car

I remember watching a movie where the protagonist at his home, hears his piano playing and comes to know that a ghost plays his piano. He gets terrified and runs out of his home to a bar and then ...
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Looking for a story about a teacher who meets a ghost

Can anyone help me locate this book: It is about a woman, maybe a school teacher, who one night, as she was staying late in the school after hours, encounters a ghost from a couple hundred years ago. ...
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Old anime type movie or show with the boy and the ghost girl with light white or pinkish hair

I saw this movie when I was very little and just remembered it now, but I can't find it! I can barely remember but let me try to explain what I think it's about. So there's this boy who meets a ghost ...
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YA novel about a boy who discovers that his friend is a ghost

I read this book in the early '80s. A boy is staying with relatives. He has no problem swimming in a pool, but is terrified of swimming in lakes and rivers. He is determined to overcome this fear, and ...
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1970s Ghost Story series with black and white illustrations and a story of a girl who is friends with a girl ghost

In the late 70's my elementary school library had, as best I can recall, a series of smallish, library-bound books that were a series of spooky stories for kids. They were quite eerie and had black ...
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Why are the spirits in Deadbeat injured?

In the show Deadbeat, why do the ghosts of the dead still have their mortal wounds? Isn't an injury specific to the flesh, and not so much the spirit? Was this ever explained on the show?
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Story about children who gained abilities to interact with ghosts/spirits

If I remember correctly, the book was about a group of kids playing a game which became real around them. I think they each got a different power to deal with ghosts/spirits. If memory serves, one ...
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Ghostly book I can't remember the name of

I once read a book about a family that moved into an old Manor house. The family experience ghostly writings on a wall, and if I recall correctly they carry out a written conversation with the author ...
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Manga about a boy being visited by the ghost of his deceased girlfriend

I'm looking for a manga where the protagonist's girlfriend dies, and he is later visited by three ghosts of her; one from the past, one from the present and one from the future.
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Japanese drama about a girl haunted by a ghost of her mother's younger self

Update: found it. It was Teru Teru Ashita I watched this Japanese drama years ago (10+ probably) and I've been trying to find it but can't remember the title. I remember mainly that it was about a ...
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Movie about a secret room with skeletal remains of an old man

Guess I watched this in the late 90s. Remember only a few things - There is a girl in a huge old fashioned house. She found a book which had a nicely crafted cover. The cover had a heart shaped ...
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Cartoon/anime about kids exploring a haunted house/school

I hope paranormal/horror fiction is counted as fantasy here. I am pretty sure it came out sometime in the 2000s or maybe like very late 90s even though I remember coming across this show in 2014 I ...
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