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For questions about "Godzilla", an America science-fiction film that retells the origins of Godzilla, a giant monster that first appeared in a series of Japanese films. Although based on the original franchise, it establishes its own continuity. Use with the [monsterverse] tag.

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Could Godzilla's atomic breath feed the MUTOs with radiation?

Coming from this question here, would Godzilla's nuclear/atomic breath not feed the MUTOs with radiation, seeing that his breath is, as the name suggests, nuclear based? Seeing that the MUTOs do ...
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What is the skeleton that the MUTOs are first discovered in?

In the 2014 rendition of Godzilla, the new enemy is the MUTOs, which are found to have consumed the radioactive energy from a long dead monster of apparent unknown origin. My initial assumption was ...
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What's the physical form of Monarch storyline?

Facebook page for Kong: Skull Island had a video depicting a blurred and hard to read series of zoomed in slides from a large timeline of Monarch organization. One of the comments under the June 2017 ...
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Why did Godzilla cause a Tsunami in Hawaii?

Why a Tsunami at Hawaii? We see a huge Tusnami in Hawaii as Godzilla approches, As we are all aware, it takes huge amounts of energy to create a tsunami so how did ...
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Where was Godzilla lying dormant for all this time?

If Godzilla was dormant for all this time, where was he lying dormant? It is not as if he is a brown bear hiding in a cave, where was he been hiding all this time for humans not to be able to find ...
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How old is Serizawa?

In 2014's Godzilla, this scene occurs: Admiral William Stenz: [on mobilizing warheads] I know you don't agree with this. But my first priority is to safeguard our citizens. [Serizawa shows Admiral ...
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Why is Godzilla hunting after the MUTOs?

In Godzilla (2014 Film) why is Godzilla hunting the MUTOs in the first place?
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Why does Godzilla change size so dramatically in the 2014 film?

In the movie Godzilla (2014), the eponymous monster's size seems to fluctuate dramatically in relation to the humans around him. At times he seems about 300 feet tall but at other times much larger or ...
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Are the MUTOs radioactive or not?

At several points in the movie, they make a point to show that the MUTOs are highly radioactive, being that they consume atomic bombs whole, it makes sense. They do so by showing people in hazmat ...
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In Godzilla (2014), why did MUTO 2 go anywhere at all?

I am confused. I just watched Godzilla (2014). It was pretty straight forward except for one thing, why did MUTO 2 leave its place of plentiful resources? Did I miss the movie dialogue that explained ...
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Why can't modern weapons kill Godzilla?

I ask this question because of a review of the newest Godzilla trailer done by Beyond the Trailer on YouTube. She points out in the video that it is hard to suspend the belief that we have no way (so ...
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