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Good vs Evil is a common trope used in Fantasy literature and is central to the mythology of Star Wars. In this trope, the main characters are often struggling against the forces of "evil".

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Do any Harry Potter characters turn from good to evil?

Inspired by this question, I'm wondering if there are any instances of characters turning from good to evil in the Harry Potter universe. There are a few people who turn from bad to good (such as ...
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Were there any "good" Separatist military leaders?

In Heroes on Both Sides as well as other works, we see that there are "good" Separatist politicians who genuinely believe the Separatist cause will improves the lives of the general population and don'...
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Are any Harry Potter characters completely redeemed?

This comment by Slytherincess got me thinking a bit philosophically (hey, I’ve got six hours to kill in an airport—it happens). There are several characters in the Harry Potter series that are fairly ...
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Animal condition through religion in "The Stand" [closed]

After reading the long passage in Stephen King's "The Stand" where the first group of survivors joined Abigail mother, I had the impression that the author played with the contrast between the faith ...
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Looking for a book set in a binary solar system

I read a book many years ago, the details are sketchy and I have searched the internet for the last 2 years trying to find this book, but it eludes me. Hopefully someone on here will have read it too. ...
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I read a paperback novel in/around 1970: protagonists were an underground/partisans in a war by telepathy

It made a great impression on me at the time. It was probably a few years old when I read it, if I remember the condition of the binding correctly. The scene/s that stick in my mind have the ...
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Are all evil doers evil for the same reason? [closed]

In Normal Mailer's book "The Castle In The Forest" he explores the source of Hitler's evil. While it takes a while for him to get to the point he eventually concludes that (spoilers) the only two ...
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Did Ilúvatar anticipate Melkor?

Did Ilúvatar know that Melkor would 'turn bad'? Was it part of his vast design? Tolkien often hints that also Morgoth's evil is part of the grand plan, and that he does the will of Ilúvatar in the ...
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Does Superman have his own set of laws?

When he is in America, Superman fights for Truth, Justice, and The American Way. But he doesn't stop battling crime at the U.S. border. He's busy righting wrongs all over the Earth and around the ...
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Looking for the author of a series of books about aliens traveling forward and backwards in time [closed]

In this series of books mankind has developed Virtual Copies of scientists to populate Probes sent out exploring space. One probe discovers a planet with an ancient Spire existing on the surface. An ...
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Were there ever any "good" Orcs?

I never made it through Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien, but it may have the answer. We know there were good men and bad men in Middle-earth and there were good Wizards and bad Wizards there too... ...
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What Are the Specific Elements that Distinguish Dark Magic?

In the question, "What Constitutes a Dark Wizard?" there is an excellent answer about how the difference is not specifically in the magic they use, but in the intent and the desires and personality of ...
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What constitutes a "Dark Wizard?"

Some of the comments and responses from this question: Was Salazar Slytherin a Dark Wizard? suggest that because there is no evidence Salazar performed the unforgivable curses, he shouldn't be ...
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Why did the Jedi want to bring balance to the Force?

During the Prequel trilogy, the Jedi wanted to bring balance to the Force, in accordance with a prophecy. There seemed to be a general agreement that this was a 'good thing', but a disagreement with ...
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What's the difference between the Light side and the Dark side of the Force?

We know that Dark side is linked to emotion like fear and anger, but the interesting point here is the between line the two side of the force. As an example, what make Mind tricks a "acceptable" ...
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Is the Rebellion really good? [closed]

The Rebellion seems to me to be just as bad as the Empire. They may not have the true evil members like Palpatine, Vader, etc. But it seems that they consistently engage in tactics that result in the ...
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Why are newly animated Transformers always evil?

In the Transformers film series, common household electronics like cellphones, radios and blenders are often turned into Transformers when they come in contact with the AllSpark energy. Why are these ...
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Fantasy novel where the forces of good have prevailed and the "heroes" are assassins, thieves, etc

I'm looking for the name of a fantasy novel I read once where the forces of good have prevailed and now everything is out of balance. I remember that the band of "heroes" consist of and assassin and ...
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