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Questions tagged [gravity-falls]

Gravity Falls is an animated television series that first aired on the Disney Channel in 2012. The second season aired on Disney XD.

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What happened to previous Gnomes queen in Gravity Falls?

In the first Gravity Falls episode named "Tourist Trapped", gnomes are looking for a new queen. But what happened to the previous one?
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Couldn't Stanford have typed 'Bill Cipher?'

In the last episode, Weirdmageddon 3, Stanford Pines types 'Stanley Pines' into the memory gun to erasing Bill Cipher. But, if erasing Stan's memory would destroy Bill Cipher, why couldn't Stanford ...
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In Gravity Falls, whose bunker is in the tree?

In Gravity Falls, Dipper and Wendy find a bunker under a tree. We then find out a similar bunker exists under the Mystery Shack. We know that the Mystery Shack's bunker was built by Stan Ford. Is ...
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When Mabel and Dipper travel back in time, where do their old selves go?

When Mabel and Dipper first time travel in the episode "The Time Traveller's Pig" (S1E09), it seems like they reverse back in time. They appear at the Mystery Shack and they run out. But when Dipper ...
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What is the significance of Axolotls in Gravity Falls?

Both in- and out-of-universe, Axolotls are a reoccurring element in Gravity Falls. In the first episode and the online game Mystery Shack Mystery, the Mystery Shack tank contains what seems to be an ...
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Was Soos inspired by Hurley?

Some minor Gravity Falls and LOST spoilers below. Soos from Gravity Falls and Hurley from LOST have a remarkable number of similarities. Both are fair-skinned Americans of Hispanic descent. Both go ...
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Who was this friend of Bill's?

In a few scenes of the Weirdmageddon arc, we see this guy: Bill names all his friends except for him and he's missing from many important scenes. So who is he? And why was he seemingly forgotten or ...
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How big is the town of Gravity Falls?

Looking at the town of Gravity Falls, it seems fairly small, without too many buildings. Both the Gravity Falls wiki and Wikipedia describe the town as "small." Additionally, we see many of the same ...
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Why didn't the lake float during the anomaly scene?

In the Gravity Falls episode "Not What He Seems", we see a series of gravity anomalies in and around a lake. Since it has the same density as the other objects, why didn't the water float ...
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How do Manotaurs reproduce?

In the Gravity Falls episode "Dipper vs. Manliness", Dipper meets a tribe of manotaurs. How could a species of such manly individuals possibly reproduce?
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