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Gravity is a 2013 British-American 3D science fiction thriller and space drama film.

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In Gravity, what happened to Ryan’s daughter?

Doctor Ryan Stone mentions that she had a daughter named Sarah, and says this when asked on what happened to her. Stone: I had a daughter. She was four. She was at school, playing tag. Slipped, hit ...
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In the Gravity film, how could they see the debris field approaching?

In this scene from the film, Gravity, the main characters are informed that ... a debris field traveling faster than a high speed bullet ... Yet they can see the ...
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How much air is available in the Russian space suits in Gravity? [closed]

It dawned on me that the Russian space suit worn by Sandra bullocks character after she makes it back to the ISS is not rated for any EVA use. It has zero ballistic resistance and doesn't carry its ...
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In the movie Gravity, where does Sandra Bullock's character end up?

I just watched Gravity for the third time. The ending got me to thinking. It's never clearly explained in the movie, but where did Sandra Bullock's character end up landing? To me it looks ...
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What would be the ending of Matt Kowalski's Mardi Gras story if debris from the missile strike did not interfere with their work? [closed]

In the movie Gravity, Matt Kowalski was elaborating his "bad feelings" about the mission to Mission Control. "Then all of a sudden, I look up and there she is and I'm about to yell out and I see ...
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Meaning of the term - in the blind

Various characters in the movie Gravity use the term 'in the blind' at the end of a transmission. This is said most often by Lieutenant Matt Kowalski after the initial incident. It is also heard ...
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In Gravity, are the orbital mechanics of space debris plausible? [closed]

I Gravity, a satellite somewhere is shot down by a missile, and the debris from that hits other satellites causing a chain reaction of rapidly increasing amount of space debris. The protagonists are ...
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Could the dream sequence in the film Gravity have potentially been real? [closed]

In the middle of the film Gravity, Ryan Stone is drifting off to sleep in a Soyuz capsule: Whilst I was watching this I thought that such a sequence of events should have killed Ryan (she was not ...
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