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Gravity is the force that attracts a body toward the center of the Earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.

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What book - boy travels from home city and gets distended by gravity?

I read a very special book a few years back. We follow a boy who lives in a world where, if one moves far enough in a direction, that person gets distended and changed in size. The boy works on ...
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Boy born in space needing to somersault and spin to counteract earth's rotation

What is the title of the book I read in the 1960s or 1970s about a boy that somersaulted and spun throughout the day? As he grew it became worse. The boy claimed he had a need to do this to feel ...
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What's the technical explanation for gravity to exist inside a spacecraft in science fiction? [closed]

Specifically, spacecraft that are not obviously using centrifugal force to simulate gravity the way that the space station from 2001 does.
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Interstellar: non-breaking waves on Miller

When watching the part where they go down to Miller, I was bothered by the fact that the waves didn't break despite the fact that the water level is ostensibly only knee-deep (roughly, a wave starts ...
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How do all the planets in the Star Wars universe contain breathable atmosphere and Earth gravity?

All sorts of different species inhabit the Star Wars universe. How is it that their biological function is compatible with the same atmospheric gases, and that the gravity is the same on all the ...
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Does the front door of the TARDIS always open up to the control room?

In all of the episodes of Doctor Who that I've seen the TARDIS' front door opens up to the control room. However, it would seem that given the TARDIS' capabilities it would be possible for the door to ...
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Is there any explanation as to why small scale vehicles—such as X-Wings and T.I.E. fighters—in “Star Wars” have gravity?

I realize there are questions focusing on how gravity works on the Death Star as well as moderate sized spacecraft like the Millennium Falcon—where you can stand up and walk around them—in the Star ...
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Niven's "Neutron Star:" plausibility of premise?

It's been a long time since I read the Larry Niven story "Neutron Star," so I'm relying mainly on the Wikipedia article (linked). The body of my question is hidden behind spoiler tags because there's ...
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2001: A Space Odyssey book physics

There's a passage in 2001 that struck me as wrong. They're describing the spinning of the carrousel in Discovery and there's the following quote. The problem of shaving was also solved; there would ...
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Was the idea of a tidal dislocation weapon ever suggested in SciFi? [closed]

In an intense and non uniform gravity field, the various parts of a moving body tend to follow different trajectories, and will unless the whole structure is tied strongly enough to prevent flying ...
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