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A computer animated TV series centered on Hal Jordon as The Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

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Could Green Lantern: The Animated Series be considered part of the DCAU?

I've been on a DCAU kick for a while (recently my local Wal-mart had a large stock of most of the seasons of the different shows), and while I was looking up a few things about the DCAU, I began ...
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Hawkman and an imprisoned green lantern? (animated series)

While it might have been explained while my 2 year old was jumping on me during the episode, I must have missed it? In a recent episode of Green Lantern: TAS Hal and Kilawog travel back to a prison ...
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What happened to the Power Battery of Hal Jordan?

When the Guardian unleashed the power of hope to supercharge Killowog, Hal and the other GL' rings fighting the Red Lanterns - his power battery disappeared. Where it is?
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Why "green" for the Green Lanterns?

Why did the original creator (Martin Nodell) of the Green Lantern choose the color green? I'm looking for the out-of-universe explanation, which internet search is not giving me. Was the choice ...
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What did the Interceptor's Power Battery do to Hal's ring?

In the pilot of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Hal tried to recharge his battery off the Power Battery that powers the Green Lantern Interceptor. It seemed to work, but had some odd side effects....
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Any signs of the other Lantern corps?

In the Green Lantern: The Animated Series pilot, we're introduced to the Green Lantern Corps, and a few members of the Red Lantern corps. Are there any signs yet of the other colored lanterns? Do we ...
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Can that battery be used to safely charge Green Lantern rings?

In the Green Lantern: The Animated Series pilot, it's shown that the Green Lantern Interceptor is powered by a Power Battery. Would Green Lantern Rings be able to normally recharge off that battery? ...
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