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For questions about the film "Gremlins" and the works related to it.

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How do Mogwai reproduce?

Not talking about the defective, naughty "Pre-Gremlins" that you get when water hits them,... but actual natural reproduction. Does it occur only, like, every 100 years? Are there any female ...
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Why is Gizmo the only good Gremlin?

In Gremlins & Gremlins 2, cute little Mogwai 'Gizmo' gets wet and pops out several other Mogwai. Those offspring then inevitably eat after midnight and turn into the Gremlins the movies are named ...
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In Gremlins movie do Gremlins ever turn back to Mogwai?

Do Gremlins ever turn back to Mogwai? I already searched in Google, but I can't find anything. I have not seen Gremlins yet, but I want to know before I see it.
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Where do Gremlins come from?

I know the first Mogwai, Gizmo was bought in a pet shop. Other Gremlins were created out of him after water was spilt onto him. My question is, is there any information on the origin of the Mogwai/...
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How do Mogwai or Gremlins Drink?

When a Mogwai or a Gremlin is exposed to water, it multiplies. But how then do they drink?
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Do Mogwai in water maintain conservation of energy?

Getting a Mogwai/Gremlin wet causes them to multiply, but where does the energy for this come from? Are the Mogwai using the water itself as energy to fuel their split? Is the water consumed? Or are ...
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At what time can you start feeding Mogwai?

You can't feed Mogwai after midnight because otherwise they turn into Gremlins. But what time is safe again?
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Gremlins, water, and snow

So in Gremlins is a kind of creature called a mogwai. Among the various rules is to not give him water, which would make him multiply and create the evil mogwai. I only know about he the movie and ...
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Is the Gremlins Board Game considered canon?

In the instruction insert within the Gremlins board game, there is a short narrative that exposes further plot elements in the Gremlins universe. Whilst the author of the narrative isn't referenced, ...
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