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American science fiction and speculative fiction writer, born in 1934. Known for writing short stories, novellas, literary criticisms, comic books, screenplays, and television scripts, as well as for editing anthologies. Famous for writing the celebrated Star Trek TOS episode "City on the Edge of Forever".

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4 votes
2 answers

Was Mirror, Mirror inspired by the original Ellison script for City at the Edge of Forever?

I note that the Ellison script had in the changed timeline the name of the ship being the SS Condor:,_Issue_2. ...
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Whatever happened to The Last Dangerous Visions?

This was supposed to have been the third volume of the late great Harlan Ellison's anthologies of experimental speculative fiction, following Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions. Its ...
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10 votes
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Are the dot pattern printouts in "I Have No Mouth, and I must Scream" meaningful?

I just read I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison in a collection of short stories called "The Mirror of Infinity". The story is about a group of people who are tortured by a computer ...
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In the film of A Boy and His Dog "Blue Screamers" are mentioned -- do we know anything more about them?

Do we know anything more about "Blue Screamers"? For example, had they been human? What are their attributes? BTW, maybe they were just called "screamers" -- maybe color was not mentioned.
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Points That I an failing to understand about "The Human Operators" by Harlan Ellison and A. E. van Vogt [closed]

There are a couple details in this story that seem to just go over my head. The male refers to sex as being so painful to him that he is loath to repeat the experience. Even when I was a child and ...
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Harlan Ellison (I think) short story about vampires?

I read a story many years ago that I think was written by Harlan Ellison, which takes place in the 70's and told from the vantage point of a young man who is pursuing a woman who is part of a group/...
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To what story is Harlan Ellison referring?

In ”Dreams with Sharp Teeth”, Harlan Ellison mentions a story whereby every thought is known to everyone, but a man still manages to get away with murder. Presumably, this is a story of his, or by ...
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13 votes
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How did the original and final "City on the Edge of Forever" scripts differ?

I remember reading in, I believe, The Making of Star Trek, how Harlan Ellison was quite upset with Gene Roddenberry over the rewriting Roddenberry did on Ellison's script The City on the Edge of ...
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