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For questions about the DC character "Harley Quinn". Always use in conjunction with the [dc] tag and add the work tag where appropriate.

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What's up with non-superpowered leaders of a superpowered team? [closed]

Note: I'm using examples from ATLA/TLOK and DC Comics. Harley Quinn in the Harley Quinn series is a non-superpowered leader of a superpowered team. In ATLA/TLOK, Zaheer pre-airbending was apparently ...
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What's the first appearance of DC's Red Tool?

My lady is recently a Harley Quinn fan, and she has been telling me about one of her favourite characters in the Harley rebirth series she is reading, Red Tool. I wanted to get her a copy of his first ...
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Is that the Mystery Inc. Gang in the new Harley Quinn #1?

I was just reading through the Rebirth Harley Quinn comics. While reading Harley Quinn #1 I noticed a familiar looking group of meddling kids in the background. Is that them there? If so is there a ...
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What are Harley Quinn's superpowers?

In the Suicide Squad movie, what exactly are Harley Quinn's superpowers? There is a scene in which she is immersed in a liquid by The Joker but it's not clear what transformation if any occurs there. ...
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DC S.C/H.Q: How can Harley Quinn be living on Coney Island and be In Belle Reve at the same time?

I'd not read any new Harley stuff till this week, when I read the Harley Quinn: Joker Loves Harley Arc. Then I started Justice League vs. Suicide Squad and 2 issues in it suddenly occurred to me that ...
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Does Harley Quinn ever have children?

Does Harley Quinn ever have children, either with the Joker or with someone else? We see her have them in a dream sequence in the 2016 Suicide Squad film.
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What is happening with Harley Quinn in rebirth?

In her own Rebirth comic, she is free to roam, but in the Suicide Squad: rebirth comic, she is shortening her sentence from Belle Reve. What is happening?
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Does the Joker care about Harley Quinn?

The Joker seems to care little about anything other than himself (and to some extent, Batman), whereas Harley Quinn is quite literally mad for the Joker. Has the Joker ever shown any genuine concern ...
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In which animated Batman series does Harley Quinn first meet the Joker?

What is the name of the animated Batman series where Harley Quinn first meets the Joker, and later goes on to team up with Poison Ivy?
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