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Questions tagged [harrison-bergeron]

For questions about the 1961 short story "Harrison Bergeron", by Kurt Vonnegut, describing a society whose members are made "equal" by handicapping the people with higher-than-average strength, intelligence, etc.

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TV programme similar to "Harrison Bergeron" [duplicate]

Many years ago (1970s or 80s) I saw a TV film clearly based on Harrison Bergeron, though I can't remember whether it used the title. However it had a very different ending. Harrison is not killed, ...
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5 votes
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Is there a retaliatory aspect to the devices used in "Harrison Bergeron"?

In Harrison Bergeron, individuals with above-average characteristics are forced to wear devices that counter those 'advantages'. For example, several characters that are exceptionally bright have ...
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10 votes
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What deeper meanings are contained in "Harrison Bergeron", by Kurt Vonnegut?

Kurt Vonnegut's short story Harrison Bergeron is acclaimed for its symbolism. Beyond its literal meaning, what deeper and figurative messages does it convey - specifically, in relation to utopianism?
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