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For questions about Harry Norman Turtledove, an American novelist, best known for his works in several genres, including that of alternate history, historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Only use for questions about the author himself, for questions about his works use the applicable work tag instead.

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What is lime-cured ginger in Worldwar series?

There is "lime-cured ginger" in Italian translation as "zenzero tagliato con la limetta", which means lime fruit, but in Czech print there is "vápnem ošetřený zázvor", ...
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Case of the toxic spell dump question

In Harry Turtledove’s book The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, how precisely does the toxic spell dump actually work?
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In Worldwar, what was the Fourth planet the Race decided not to conquer?

In the Worldwar and Colonization novels, Harry Turtledove posits that the Race conquered and colonized two planets before setting its sights on Earth. In addition, it is mentioned that at some ...
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Why did Rhavas stop using his Curse ability?

I'm aware that the real life reason is that the books were written in reverse order. However, you would think that at some point towards the end of Bridge of the Separator, Rhavas would make some kind ...
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Who did AWB steal their time machine from?

In The Guns of the South, South Africans in the AWB from 2014 use a stolen time machine capable of traveling exactly 150 years into the past to give AK-47s to the Confederate States of America, ...
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How many ship were in the 'Conquest Fleet' in the Worldwar series

In the Worldwar series how many ships were in the Conquest fleet? Reading the books you can see names like; "127th Emperor Hetto". Is this ship number #127 or the ship was named after the 127th ...
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Significance of the name "Iffspay"

I've been reading and thoroughly enjoying the anthology I, Alien edited by Mike Resnick. In particular I liked the story “Hi, Colonic” by Harry Turtledove, though you possibly need to have studied ...
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Did Turtledove mess up?

I recently read Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove, the alternative history novel wherein the Confederate States get a leg up on the North, in the form of the AK-47. At a climactic turning point, ...
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Harry Turtledove's non-alternate-history sf

Which of Harry Turtledove's sf¹ works are not alternate history? The only one I know of is The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump. There's possibly the Videssos series, from the Wikipedia description. What ...
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