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Questions tagged [hellblazer]

For questions about "Hellblazer", staring John Constantine. It was one of the founding comics of the Vertigo Comics imprint, which it moved to following issue 63 (March 1993). Always use in conjunction with the [vertigo-comics] tag.

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3 votes
2 answers

Does the idea of a human being tricking demons (a bit like Constantine) come from folklore or some particular story predating Hellblazer?

A few years ago, I started reading the Hellblazer comic-book series, and while I enjoyed it a lot, I felt that the concept of a human being tricking demons (something the character Constantine is ...
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Why can't John Constantine drive?

In the original Hellblazer comics John Constantine seems to persistently rely on hitchhiking to various locations, taking public transport ("Christ, I wish I could drive. Bloody public transport'...
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Can I start Hellblazer from any point?

Given that John Constantine was introduced on The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 (June 1985), had its launch title (John Constantine, Hellblazer) in 1988, ended in 2013 @ its' 300th issue and was ...
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What has happened to Chantinelle "Ellie" after she got imprisoned by First of the Fallen?

I've been reading "John Constantine: Hellblazer" bit erratically and it seems that I'm missing some information about succubus Ellie that even the Wiki doesn't provide: Constantine and Ellie had ...
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Has the "Hellblazer" Constantine ever met Lucifer?

In the 2005 "Constantine" movie the main character in the climax of the has a small tête–à–tête with the Devil- aka Lucifer Morningstar. But in the Vertigo comic book universe, Lucifer has quit the ...
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Why did Constantine make a deal with Nergal to stop Zed from becoming the second Mary?

In one of the Hellblazer books, the main character discovers that the demon Nergal is trying to kill Constantine's girlfriend Zed, When Constantine is wounded, Nergal visits him in the hospital and ...
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Who is the First referring to?

In the hellblazer story "Confessional" set in the 1960s, a demon named the First is talking to someone and, while looking at a crucifix mentions: D'you know he's coming back? Oh yes. He'll be born ...
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2 answers

What is a Hellblazer?

In the comic series John Constantine, Hellblazer, what exactly is a Hellblazer? I've read the first 3 volumes (Original Sins, The Devil You Know and The Fear Machine) so I'm familiar with John and ...
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What happened to the archangel Gabriel in DC Vertigo after his unfortunate encounter with John Constantine (hellblazer)?

In the Hellblazer comic, the archangel Gabriel is tricked into falling from grace by John Constantine and an angry succubus named Ellie. I noticed he wasn't present in the Lucifer comics, so I assume ...
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