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Hellraiser is a British horror franchise that consists of nine films, a series of comic books, and additional merchandise. It is based on the novella The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker. The films, as well as the comic book series, continually features the Cenobite Pinhead. The series focuses on a puzzle box that opens a gateway to the Hell-like realm of the Cenobites, who harvest human souls to torture in sadomasochistic experiments.

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What actually does the Elysium Configuration do, and did Pinhead understand it?

In the film Hellraiser 4 Bloodlines the Elysium Configuration is introduced. The lore as explained in the film is that the Elysium Configuration exists as an anti-Lament Configuration that creates ...
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Why do the cenobites react differently when the box is opened?

In the first Hellraiser movie, the opening scene shows Frank Cotton solving the puzzle box that calls forth the Cenobites and immediately being torn apart by the hooks. Later in that same movie, ...
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What caused the changes in Hell mentioned in Hellraiser IV?

In Hellraiser IV Bloodlines, we see that several hundred years ago, Hell and its denizens were the traditional demon types. When the demon and Pinhead meet, he explains that Hell has changed since she ...
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Hellraiser: What's the attraction to opening the puzzlebox?

"What's your pleasure?" "Uh, I'd kinda like to have my flesh pulled off by meathooks on retractable chains." "Well, you're in luck." I think my title says it all. I understand that the Cenobites ...
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Why do cenobites attack non-characters in Hellraiser 3?

In the first 2 Hellraiser movies it is pretty specific about not taking hands but rather desire when the cenobites appear. Pinhead says "...It is not hands that call us, it is desire!" after being ...
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