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Questions tagged [heroes-reborn]

Use for questions regarding the TV Series *Heroes Reborn* and related web series *Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters*.

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1 answer

What happened to Sylar

Given that Sylar (Gabriel Grey) had Claire's power, he would have survived the hiatus. Is there any indication of his whereabouts or actions in Heroes Reborn?
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3 votes
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Who fathered Claire Bennet's children in Heroes Reborn

Given that Claire Bannet must have conceived 9 months before "June 13th" (the previous August or September) during the 5 year hiatus, is there any indication of who is the biological father. This was ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Tommy's Teleportation Abilities

Tommy absorbed his teleportation skills from All he has to do is touch someone or something and off they go to wherever he is thinking about. My question is why must he "touch" himself in order to ...
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Who are the Heroes?

Through the four seasons of Heroes, those with powers were generally unknown to the public, and typically simply labeled as "Evolved Humans" or "Specials". After Claire Bennett went public with her ...
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