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For questions about works of science fiction and fantasy that relate to the Hindu religion

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Science fiction novel involving Hindu (?) deities [duplicate]

I read, many years ago, a novel that I'd quite like to find again. I only recall fragments - the main one being that the protagonists were humans, possibly space travellers, who had somehow acquired ...
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Are the Jagaroth from the Doctor Who story "City of Death" named after the Hindu god Jagannath?

Is there any indication that the powerful race of warlike aliens, the Jagaroth, who are the villain(s) of the 1979 Doctor Who serial "City of Death," are named after the god Jagannath? Jangannath is ...
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Why is the Gayatri mantra used the BSG opening theme? Are the Cylons or the Colonists Hindu?

I (recently) watched the Battlestar Galactica TV series. It is steeped in religion and religious themes - the dialog and thoughts of characters, the objective events taking place, and the Colonists' ...
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