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For questions about real-world holidays that are directly related to science fiction or fantasy, or in-universe holidays in a work of science fiction or fantasy.

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On what calendar are annual celebrations (holidays, birthdays) celebrated in the Star Trek Universe?

In the Star Trek universe we do see recognition of some holidays - Federation Day, First Contact Day, and, of course, birthdays. When are they celebrated? Every planet has a different year, so do they ...
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Why do the Weasleys go to Egypt twice in the same year?

During Christmas in Harry's second year Mr and Mrs Weasley embark on a cross-continental trip to visit Bill in Egypt. Harry found it peaceful, rather than gloomy, and enjoyed the fact that he, ...
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47 votes
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Why is Towel Day on May 25th?

Every fan of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy probably knows of Towel Day. But why is it on May 25th and not on another day? Does anyone know?
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When was May the Fourth first celebrated?

Today being May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) got me thinking: when was the date of May the Fourth first celebrated as Star Wars Day?
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Sci-Fi and Fantasy holidays [closed]

Star Wars Day is probably the most famous sci-fi/fantasy holiday. What others are there? Please only include examples that are celebrated by a significant amount of people.
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