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Questions tagged [house-of-x]

For questions about House of X, a comic book miniseries from Marvel Comics, published in 2019.

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In what order should I read Hickman's X-Men?

I've read House of X/ Powers of X, and Dawn of X Vol. 1. I've just bought Vol. 2. I've noticed that there are other series, such as X of Swords and Reign of X. I've looked at a few lists, but have ...
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3 votes
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Has Warlock existed in any of Moira's previous lives?

(Note. The title is enough to ask the basic question - I'm explaining the rationale behind it at some length here before asking it in full.) In Marvel's "House of X"/"Powers of X" ...
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What is the situation for precog mutants outside Krakoa?

I have just read in "House of X" that Moira Kinross admonishes Magneto and Xavier about having mutants with precog abilities in Krakoa, because she fears people who can see into the future may bring ...
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