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For questions about the 2003 film HULK starring Eric Bana.

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How is that a fuel air bomb could hurt Hulk, but a nuclear bomb didn't kill him? [duplicate]

In Hulk (2003), Hulk is hit, but not directly, by an apparently Fuel Air Bomb, I believe they are also called MOAB (Mother of All Bombs). If I understand correctly, these bombs have yields measured in ...
7 votes
3 answers

In Hulk (2003) why did one person survive but another didn't?

At the end of the movie when I looked it up on wikipedia and it has So how come the Hulk's power was too much for him? If he had absorbed a lot of the Hulk's power wouldn't that mean the Hulk was ...
4 votes
1 answer

What did 4-year-old Bruce Banner see in the room?

53 minutes into the movie, General Ross grills Bruce over what happened when he arrested David Banner. He says, You were four years old when you saw it. What did Bruce see?
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In Hulk (2003) why did David fail to kill his son when he was a baby?

Very morbid I know. David wanted to kill Bruce when he was a baby but his mother wouldn't let him and in a scuffle, the mother fell on the knife David was about to stab little Bruce with. Why didn't ...
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How could Banner's gamma radiation exposure be both an accident and a self-experiment?

In The Hulk (2003) movie it was shown that gamma exposure was an accident. However, in subsequent movies it was portrayed as self experimentation, so which theory is true?