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'I am Legend' is a 1954 novel by Richard Matheson. It was made into a movie in 2007, starring Will Smith, as well as being the basis for 'The Last Man on Earth' (1964), with Vincent Prince, and 'The Omega Man' (1971), starring Charleton Heston.

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How does Vampiris reanimate the dead?

I've been reading I Am Legend (1954) by Richard Matheson recently and got to the part where Robert Neville gives himself biology lessons and scientific explanations for vampire behavior, like why they ...
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What was the first story wherein an artificial plague is created for therapeutic reasons?

In Miri from STOS, I do not think specifically an artificial virus or artificially-modified virus is mentioned, but Wikipedia says, "The party find a medical research laboratory and look through ...
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What does this mean, at the ending of "I Am Legend"?

In I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, what does this mean? The rest of her letter wasn’t a lie, he knew that. Without the pill, without any evidence of word or memory, he knew. He knew what even Ruth ...
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I am Legend: does alternative ending suggest rebuilding of society?

The alternate ending as well as earlier scenes show more intelligence in the Dark Seekers than Neville imagined — he seemed really stuck on the idea that they were very diminished mentally even when ...
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Why didn't vampires interact with Robert before sending Ruth in?

I just finished the book I Am Legend and there's something that I don't understand and can't seem to find an answer to.
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I am Legend (book): Do vampires feed on each other?

Just rewatching the 1960s Vincent Price version of I Am Legend (The Last Man on Earth), and in the first minute or so we see him look at dead bodies and he narrates, "They feed off of weak ones.&...
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I am Legend (Will Smith film), any explanation for skin literally burning in sunlight?

Given the medical/biological explanation for the "darkseekers," I can see no plausible explanation for the extremely rapid burning (with something like smoke) of the creatures in sunlight. ...
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Is there any particular significance behind "I Am Legend" being set in the late 70s?

Richard Matheson's brilliant 1954 novel I Am Legend takes place between January 1976 and January 1979, with several flashbacks to 1975, when the vampire plague began to spread. Throughout the novel, ...
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Is there an "I Am Legend" movie that actually preserves the original ending?

Is there any movie based on the "I Am Legend" novel by Richard Matheson that shares the same ending to the book? I only know two, but could be more: (1) Will Smith's "I Am Legend", (2) and Vincent ...
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How did I Am Legend predict a "Superman vs Batman" movie?

I remember that when watching I Am Legend a while ago, I noticed an advert for Batman vs Superman on a billboard (in the film itself). I think this was when Batman Begins had recently come out. At ...
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Who set the trap for Robert Neville?

About two third of the way through the movie the following takes place: I always thought it was a trap setup by the Dark Seekers. However, the accepted answer on this question on Movies.SE seems to ...
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Why did the mannequin's head move?

In the movie I Am Legend there is a point where Will Smith sees that Fred the Mannequin has been moved. When he first sees him, the mannequin turns his head slightly. It can be seen clearly in this ...
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What are the creatures in I Am Legend?

Are the creatures in I Am Legend zombies, vampires, zompyres, or something else?
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