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Use this tag for the 2004 film "I Robot" starring Will Smith. For questyions about the Asimov short story collection use [i-robot] instead.

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Why does Dr. Lanning's hologram claim that the Three Laws are "perfect"?

In I, Robot, after Spooner reactivates Dr. Lanning's hologram at Lake Michigan, there's the following exchange: SPOONER: Is there a problem with the Three Laws? DR. LANNING: The Three Laws are ...
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What Asimov's stories are referenced in the movie "I, Robot"?

I, Robot, the 2004 movie, has several references to the original stories by Isaac Asimov. While none of them are complete or true to the story, they exist. Some examples include: Little Lost Robot - ...
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How can a truck crash in "I, Robot"?

I just finished watching I, Robot and I can't understand how a truck can crash. From what I can see, cars and (trucks) have the ability for autonomous driving, ie, the driver does not need to control ...
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Did the robot that saved Spooner's life in I, Robot break the 2nd law of robotics?

There is a particular scene in I, Robot that raises an interesting issue. Detective Spooner is telling the story of how he lost his arm. He was in a car accident, and found himself and a young girl ...
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Why does VIKI allow Calvin to fake Sonny's death?

Why does VIKI allow Dr. Calvin to fake Sonny's destruction? Since Sonny was independent of VIKI's control via the uplink, wouldn't it have been logical for VIKI to have Sonny destroyed?
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Does VIKI appear in Asimov's writings?

VIKI appears in the film I, Robot. (warning, spoilers in the clip) Does this character appear in any original writings from Isaac Asimov or was she purely a ...
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How do the robots disobey the 3 laws in the film I, Robot?

In the movie I, Robot ... there is a chip that helps robots disobey the 3 laws of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A ...
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What are the main differences between the "I, Robot: movie and Asimov's "Little Lost Robot" story

From wikipedia I, Robot entry: The film I, Robot, starring Will Smith, was released by Twentieth Century Fox on July 16, 2004 in the United States. Its plot incorporates elements of "Little Lost ...
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What are the specifications of the NS-5?

I've done some research but couldn't find much at all regarding the specifications of the NS-5 units. I know that they were made from some sort of alloy (because Sonny had 'denser alloy'), they were ...
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What was the power source in I, Robot?

Famously in the film when Spooner is riding on his motorbike with Dr Calvin, she asks him something like 'this doesn't run on gas does it? You do know gas explodes!'. Her obvious horror suggests ...
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Where did non NS5 robots get their updates from?

In I, Robot, one of the most important features of the new NS5 is their ability to download updates from USR daily. Simple question then - where did the previous generations of robots get their ...
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In the movie I, Robot why is Lanning's house scheduled for demolition? [duplicate]

Wouldn't Lanning's house be turned into a museum, considering his importance, rather than be demolished?
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What was the intention of Dr. Lanning in I, Robot?

In the movie I, Robot, Dr. Lanning created Sonny (the humanoid robot protagonist) with a thicker alloy and a second positronic brain that could bypass its link to VIKI. He also gave Sonny dreams and ...
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In the movie I, Robot, how does USR have military contracts if robots have to follow the first law?

In the movie it states that the first rule of robotics is that a robot must never harm a human being through action or inaction. It also says that the second and third law only apply if they don't ...
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Why did the demolition time for Dr. Lanning's house change?

The demolition time for Dr. Lanning's house was set for the next day, and only changed after Spooner when into the house. I believe VIKI was aware that Spooner was investigating Lanning's death, so it ...
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Why didn't the demolition bot stop once it became obvious Spooner was in the house?

While searching the house of the late Dr. Lanning the demolition bot outside At one point the demolition bot is traveling through the house towards Detective Spooner as he runs away from it. Why ...
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Why does US Robotics destroy Lanning's house?

Shortly after the death of Dr. Lanning, Detective Spooner travels to the doctor's house to look for clues. While he is searching the house a demolition bot (which had been programmed to demolish the ...
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Why did the super computer VIKI try to take over?

In the movie, it is explained that the reason that the robots revolted was because the main computer VIKI explains that to save and protect humanity, it needed to take freedom from humanity. In ...
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