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For questions about "Idiocracy", a 2006 American satirical science fiction comedy film directed by Mike Judge and starring Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph.

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Is it implied that the "tards" are actually above normal?

When Joe meets with Dr Lexus the good doctor indicates that he is a "tard" and reassures his patient that his first wife is also one and she is okay -- in fact, she works as a pilot. While ...
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In Idiocracy was there any indication about the use of AI?

It looked like things were very automated -- somehow they kept producing monster trucks and machine guns. Perhaps the AI itself had degraded over time?
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In Idiocracy, what is the food in the bucket supposed to be?

In Idiocracy, what is the food in the bucket supposed to be? You see it later as well:
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What's with the IQ chart in Idiocracy?

In Idiocracy, they show an average IQ chart that is declining over the next few centuries. Now, anyone who's studied IQ knows that's nonsense. The average IQ of a population is by definition 100. So, ...
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