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For questions about comics published by IDW Publishing, or about the company itself. The company is based in the United States and was founded in 1999.

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Is there a canon source from the 1980s covering the death of Matt Tracker's brother from the MASK franchise

Many modern fan sites covering the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (MASK) franchise say that Matt Tracker and Miles Mayhem were originally partners, but that they split up to form MASK and Venom ...
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Which order should I read the Humble Bundle IDW Star Trek comics in?

I recently purchased the Humble Star Trek Bundle (presented by IDW). They've included 18 volumes of comic books (84 comic issues in total). I'm fairly sure that the stories are 'more or less' self ...
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Which order to read the IDW Transformers comics?

I've purchased the following comics as part of the Humble Transformers Bundle offer and now wonder whether I should read them in some specific chronological order or not: Transformers Classics, Vol. ...
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Why didn't Spock save the Romulan Empire by going back in time?

In Star Trek: Countdown comic series, Spock failed to create Red Matter on time (before the Romulan Empire got destroyed by a Hobus supernova). Despite Nero's excuses, Spock was a good guy. He ...
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