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Questions tagged [iluvatar]

For questions about Eru Ilúvatar or The One. Always use in conjunction with [tolkiens-legendarium] tag. Only use when asking questions about the character not for questions that simply mention him.

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Is the Timeless Void the same Void outside Eru's Timeless Hall?

Is the Timeless Void the same as the Void outside Eru's Timeless Hall before the creation of Eä? Or are they connected as a continuous empty Space? In the Silmarillion, it is said that Valar thrust ...
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25 votes
3 answers

What does Eru Ilúvatar's name mean?

So I was wondering whether Eru Ilúvatar has any meaning in and of itself, in-universe, besides being the name of the Creator? Is it at all related to any words in Primitive Quendian, for example? Out-...
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Why didn't Eru stop Melkor and Ungoliant from destroying the Two Trees? [duplicate]

It has always been a mystery to me as to why Eru didn't intervene to stop Melkor and Ungoliant from destroying the Two Trees. I don't think it is plausible to say that he was not aware of what they ...
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42 votes
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Why didn't Eru stop the Dark Lords from causing trouble in Middle-earth?

Eru was infinitely more powerful than the Dark Lords, why didn't he stop them from trying to enslave the Free Peoples?
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