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For questions about "Incredibles 2", released in 2018, it is the sequel to the hit Pixar film "The Incredibles" from 2004.

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What does "that" refer to?

In Scifi action movie Incredibles 2, Frozone meets Incredible couples: Frozone: Now, you know the offer still stands. Elastigirl: You're very generous, but there are five of us. We wouldn't ...
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What "island" is Elastigirl referring to?

In Scifi action movie Incredibles 2, Violet Parr is arguing with her parents about saving the world: Violet Parr: You said things were different now. Elastigirl: And they were, on the island. ...
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In The Incredibles 2, why does Screenslaver's name use a pun on something that doesn't exist in the 1950s pastiche?

The Incredibles 2, the Screenslaver's name is a clear pun on "screensaver". Screensavers were invented in 1984. The film takes place in a broad 1950s pastiche, and we don't see any personal ...
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Do Violet's clothes turn invisible?

At the very beginning of Incredibles 2, we see Violet handing off babysitting to Dash in the form of an unmanned strolled zooming across to him: In this scene, she turns completely invisible (though ...
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How did Mr. Incredible know how many powers Jack-Jack exhibited in Incredibles 2?

At the end of Incredibles 2, Elastigirl was surprised by Jack-Jack's powers. Mr. Incredible said she missed his first 17 powers. However, we the audience saw these powers. He was asleep when most of ...
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Why is everyone surprised that Jack-Jack has powers?

It didn't "hit" me before Incredibles 2, but why is everyone (or at least the Parr family and Edna Mode) surprised that Jack-Jack has powers? While this answer doesn't really explain where Supers get ...
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Is Edna Mode a Super?

I read a tumblr post over the weekend that posited that Edna Mode may have had some sort of precognitive powers, since she seemed to know Jack-Jack would have powers before anyone else seemed to. It ...
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Are The Incredibles comics canon?

The film The Incredibles has had two types of sequels: the film Incredibles 2 and a set of comic books (can't find their plot on Wikipedia, just the title "The Incredibles: Family Matters"). I seem to ...
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Were the Supers born or created?

There is a theory surrounding the Supers in the Incredibles universe that the Supers were created by the government as part of a experimental program. The main ...
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In Incredibles 2, why didn't anybody realize this?

In Incredibles 2, the Supers are: The Incredible kids pick up on this right away but no one in the general public seems to. Since this is so incredibly obvious, there's probably a reason why not. ...
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Why are The Incredibles villains technologically-based?

In the Incredibles films, it seems that the villains all rely entirely on technology, while the heroes (while they can use it) have innate powers. We don't have as many examples as Marvel, but I ...
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How do the hypnotizing glasses in Incredibles 2 work?

How do the hypnotizing glasses in the Incredibles 2 work? Do they work like possesion, Harry Potter-style? (Meaning they allow the glasses' controller to manipulate them like robots) I thought so, ...
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