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Questions tagged [infamous]

For questions about the Infamous series of action-adventure video games, which includes Infamous, Infamous 2, Infamous: Festival of Blood (DLC for Infamous 2), Infamous: Second Son, and Infamous: First Light (prequel to Infamous: Second Son).

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1 answer

In the first Infamous game, Kessler makes Cole choose who to save, a group of doctors, or his girlfriend Trish

If Cole chooses to save the doctors, we get a cutscene of Trish’s death, and she will die either loving or hating Cole (depending on his good/evil points), but she will die all the same. And if you ...
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6 votes
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How did Conduits end up imprisoned after Infamous 2?

Infamous: Second Son takes place seven years after the events of Infamous 2, and during those years the United States formed a Department of Unified Protection (DUP) in order to imprison Conduits (who ...
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