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Questions tagged [irredeemable]

For questions about "Irredeemable", a monthly comic published by BOOM! Studios between April 2009 and May 2012 which ran for 37 issues. Always use in conjunction with the [boom-studios] tag.

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What is Qubit's equivalent to the Doctor's "Allons-y"?

In the Irredeemable comic universe, at one point, Qubit uses a German phrase with a connotation very similar to the "Allons-y" used by the Doctor of Doctor Who. What is that phrase, and in ...
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How essential is Incorruptible to Irredeemable?

Please don't post spoilers, I'm at Volume 7 of Irredeemable and have the first two volumes of Incorruptible. How essential is Incorruptible to the main storyline of Irredeemable? I know that there ...
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