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A character created by Russell T Davies from Doctor Who and Torchwood: a former Time Agent and con man who was made immortal after being raised from the dead. Use in conjunction with the relevant work tag i.e. [doctor-who] and/or [torchwood].

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Is Captain Jack Harkness connected to the TARDIS in any way due to Rose using TARDIS powers to resurrect him?

Is Captain Jack Harkness connected to The Doctor's TARDIS? When Rose saved Captain Jack in "Bad Wolf" she used the powers of the TARDIS to give him near infinite resurrection. Is he connected to the ...
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How does Captain Jack Harkness become the Face of Boe? [duplicate]

Based off the question "Is there anything beyond subtle hints that Jack becomes the Face of Boe?" How does Captain Jack Harkness become the Face of Boe?
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Is the Face of Boe’s death linked to the destruction of Earth?

This suggests the hypothesis that after the events of Miracle Day, Jack’s immortality was granted by the Blessing. Hence he becomes mortal with the destruction of earth. Is there any further evidence ...
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Does Captain Jack Harkness sleep?

In series 1 episode 3 Gwen asks Jack where he sleeps, given that he lives in the Torchwood building; he replies that he doesn't sleep. In episode 5, however, we see Jack dreaming about WW2 whilst ...
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Is Jack Harkness in love with the Doctor?

I'm intrigued by this quote from Series 3 Episode 12, The Sound of Drums (emphasis mine): DOCTOR: See? It just shifts your perception a tiny little bit. Doesn't make us invisible, just unnoticed. ...
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Question about Jack Harkness/Face of Boe

Do we know anything about how Jack became the Face of Boe? We have seen in Torchwood that he can regrow pretty much all of his body from very little (almost "a rag, a bone, and a hank of hair") so ...
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What happened to Captain Jack during his missing two years?

In the first episode to include Captain Jack, The Empty Child in Series 1, he tells the Doctor he left the Time Agency because he woke up one morning and found that they'd erased his memories of the ...
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What kind of changes can Jack Harkness undergo?

When Jack died in The Parting of the Ways, Rose brought him back to be a fixed point in time and space. So, if we take a space-time graph and plot a normal person's life on it, we would get something ...
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Doctor Who time paradox Captain Jack [closed]

Jack is the face of Boe and has lived for millions (or billions) of years; The Doctor has called him a fixed point in time and space. In the short of 'time crash' the paradox of meeting himself and ...
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Is there anything beyond subtle hints that Jack becomes the Face of Boe?

After Jack Harkness was brought back to life by Bad Wolf Rose, he is unable to die, not even from old age. At the end of Last of the Time Lords, the Doctor comments on the fact that he doesn't know ...
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Can there be multiple Jack Harknesses?

In Torchwood Season 3 aka Children Of Earth Day 2 we see that Jack "spawns" from his remains namely an arm, a shoulder and the remains of a head.(After being blown up by a bomb in his stomach) Now, ...
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Does Jack Harkness "need" to eat?

We know Jack Harkness cannot die. But does he "need" to eat? Or does anything bad happen to him if he doesn't eat? Does he feel hungry or weak? Would he eventually die of starvation, to be ...
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