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For questions about James Blish, an American science fiction and fantasy author.

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What was the original name of James Blish's "IMT"?

In James Blish's Cities in Flight novel, Earthman Come Home, what was the original name of the rogue city known as IMT (Interstellar Master Traders)? Did Blish expect that the alert reader would be ...
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In James Blish's "Jack of Eagles", how is "Danny Caiden" a corruption of a New Orleans term, and what has it to do with movies?

In James Blish's book Jack of Eagles, there is this dialogue: "Shut the door, Tooey. So you're Danny Caiden. Your mother must of hung too much around the movies." "The name's a ...
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Canonicity of some material in "Spock must die!" by James Blish?

Spock must die! was a 1970 Star Trek novel by James Blish. I read it as a kid and reread it recently after coming across a used copy. It was an enjoyable read as long as I stayed determined not to let ...
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Did James Blish just make up a bunch of scientific disciplines?

In A Case of Conscience appears this quote: “You should see what they can do with mixed disciplines—scholia like histochemistry, immunodynamics, biophysics, terataxonomy, osmotic genetics, ...
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Poem: "The Folded and the Quiet" by Henry E. Sostman

In Cities in Flight (1970, p. 542), James Blish quoted two lines from a long, unpublished poem by Henry E. Sostman called "The Folded and the Quiet": I grow not out of salt nor out of soil ...
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James Blish, Cities in Flight series reading order

Is it important to read the four books in order? (are they merely set in the same 'universe', or is it on ongoing saga?) I've just picked up the fourth book, and I've enjoyed the first few chapters ...
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