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Questions tagged [james-dashner]

For questions about James Dashner, an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, born in 1972. Only use for questions about the author himself, for questions about his works use the appropriate work tag instead.

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1 answer

Was Gally always himself?

Book ending spoiler alerts!! In the Maze Runner book, Gally runs into the maze after a Gathering is held between all of the Keepers. When Gally snapped in the Gathering, was he pissed off, or was ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why don't Tick's powers hurt Billy in the 13th Reality series?

Tick has powers over Chikar'da revealed throughout the books. They are caused by: If this is so, how was Billy able to bully him in the first book? His powers should have burst out of him and hurt if ...
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