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Jean le Flambeur series is a book trilogy by Hannu Rajaniemi, featuring life of the title character, a galactic trickster and a con artist. The series includes the The Quantum Thief and The Fractal Prince. Upcoming is The Causal Angel.

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Four archetypal figures in Stephenson's "Diamond Age" and in Rajaniemi's "Le Flambeur trilogy"

Warning: minor spoilers to "Diamond Age" and "Le Flambeur" ahead. In "Le Flambeur", there are four Aun: Chimney Princess, Green Soldier, Kraken of Light and Flower Prince, former imaginary friends of ...
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In 'The Fractal Prince', how exactly does the Pellegrini steal Chen's code?

I am not sure I understand the events in The Fractal Prince. What I think happens at the end is: What I do not understand is:
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Confused about the ending of Fractal Prince

It has been awhile and I'm really excited for Causal Angel in a few days. However, The Jean le Flambeur series is so dense with information that I've forgotten quite a bit. I've cobbled together a ...
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What do we know about the Protocol War?

The Protocol War is referenced many times in the books. So, the question is: I'm interested in answers from any of the books in the series. At the time of this question, these include The Quantum ...
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Is this revalation about Jean's connection to the Sobornost correct?

In the end of The Fractal Prince, it is revealed that The bit I'm uncertain about is Also, about the Aun:
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Idea of paying for things with time

I recently read the Quantum Thief. This book had the idea of the time you live as something that can be used to pay for things. When you run out of "money" you die. I was wondering is this the ...
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