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Questions tagged [john-scalzi]

For questions about the writings of John Scalzi, an American science fiction author born in 1969.

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Was the audiobook of Agent to the Stars adapted to include more modern references?

Chapter 15 of the audiobook of John Scalzi's Agent to the Stars references 'the most talked about young filmstar death since Heath Ledger sleeped himself out of this world'. This seems to reference ...
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What happened during the ending of "The God Engines" by John Scalzi?

What happened at the end of the book? It seems that the old powerful god has been defeated by the gods that rebelled against it, what is going to happen on all lives on earth, after such an dramatic ...
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What edition of Scalzi's The Human Division contains all the original artwork?

I am starting to read John Scalzi's novel "The Human Division". It appears to be made up of thirteen distinct chapters named "episodes". In the acknowledgments, he praises the cover artist: Cover ...
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Depictions of aliens in Old Man's War

For the Old Man's War series are there any sanctioned, visual depictions of what the various aliens species look like? For most of the aliens I can form a mental picture in my head from their ...
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In Scalzi's Last Colony, what happened to the indigenous intelligent life found on Roanoke?

Phrasing this question vaguely to avoid spoilers. Those who have read the book should find it pretty clear. In The Last Colony, there is a sub-plot involving a intelligent native species on the ...
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In "Agent to the Stars" by John Scalzi, where did the Yherjak words come from?

Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi involves an ameboid species which communicate among themselves by smell. Points are made that there is no easy translation between smells and spoken language. Where ...
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In Scalzi's "The Last Colony", how did the CDF know that Perry offered Gau a chance to surrender?

In John Scalzi's "The Last Colony", John Perry talks with General Gau when General Gau comes to destroy his colony. Perry instead gives him a chance to surrender which General Gau doesn't take and the ...
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Does Scalzi describe what the Rraey look like?

I do not remember what they look like, nor can I find any answer to my question. I'm at the end of Old Man's War, so if you've read the book you can probably understand that trying to visualize them ...
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