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Questions tagged [jules-verne]

For questions about Jules Verne, an author and one of the fathers of the science fiction genre, writing numerous stories that were unusual and innovative for their time and remain famous to this day, including but not limited to *Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea*, *A Journey to the Center of the Earth*, and *Around the World in Eighty Days*. For questions about his works use the work tag instead.

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What inspired the creation of Cyrus Smith?

What inspired the character of Cyrus Smith in the novel The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne? Did Verne ever explain the concept behind the character?
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Possible Jules Verne novel where the hero's uncle becomes his brother-in-law

Based on some comments here and discussion in chat it appears that I may be mistaken in my identification of this as being a Verne novel. If not, it would have been reasonably contemporaneous; travel ...
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Who gets the money from auctioning the North Pole?

(Asking in the same spirit as a previous question I asked about Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, only it's a lot more money this time.) Jules Verne's novel Sans dessus dessous (English titles ...
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Where was the Nautilus built?

Does Jules Verne ever say where the Nautilus was built or constructed? Maybe in another book that I have not read the location is stated.
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Does the plot twist at the and of "Around the world in Eighty Days" make sense? [closed]

So the twist at the end is (the question title should be spoiler warning enough) that the heroes arrive in London a few minutes too late to reach the club for the deadline of the wager, so they go to ...
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around the world in eighty days - GMT vs Local Time [closed]

Why did not Phileas Fogg notice that his pocket watch ( set to London Time ) was behind the local time as he traveled eastwards?
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Can Dr. Antekirtt give hypnotic commands to Carpena from afar?

In Jules Verne, Mathias Sandorf part 4, chapter 1, Dr. Antekirtt (Antékirtt) finds that the prisoner Carpena is very susceptible to hypnosis. Dr. Antekritt hypnotizes him with a silent glance, and ...
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How accurate were Jules Verne's predictions?

On multiple occasions, I have heard Jules Verne praised for his ability to make accurate predictions of what now is the present, and past. Where can I find a tabulation of all of his predictions, and ...
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