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For questions about the 2019 movie "Jumanji: The Next Level". Always use in conjunction with the [jumanji] tag.

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What "guys" is Anthony referring to?

Anthony being sucked into video game jumanji: Anthony: What...? We haven't even picked our guys yet! What "guys" is Anthony referring to?
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Evidence for Avatar swapping Glitch

At two different points in Jumanji - The Next Level, the characters come across glowing green water that allows them to switch Avatars. Several entries on the TVTropes page state that this is hinted ...
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What is that bubbled machine is Eddie using?

In Jumanji The Next Level (2019), Eddie is shown wearing something on his head and it is connected to a bubbled machine:
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What does "ceramics tour" mean?

In Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), Milo tells Eddie: Milo: You know, Gladys and I took a road trip before she passed. We went on a ceramics tour through the Southwest.
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