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Questions tagged [kill-count]

Use this tag for questions that ask how many people a science fiction or fantasy character killed.

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How many beings has Boba Fett killed since escaping from the Sarlacc?

Critics of The Book of Boba Fett keep calling Boba soft, but since escaping from the Sarlacc, he's killed quite a few beings. He killed the 4-armed sand monster, and at least 20 Pykes. In addition, in ...
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Highest kill count of the Big E in one action

How many creatures has the emperor of mankind killed in one action? He must have performed the action himself. Devices created by him and used by someone else do not count. Ordering things does not ...
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8 votes
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What is the kill score of all dragons and dragon-riders during the Dance of the Dragons?

The Dance of the Dragons was a wide-scale civil war between two factions of House Targaryen headed by Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Prince Aegon II Targaryen who were both vying for the throne of ...
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How Dangerous is Jurassic Park/World?

So we know that all four Jurassic movies take place in the same world. We also know that the theme parks both exist on the same island, but that The Lost World was on a different one. Of course, it ...
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Which member of the fellowship made the most onscreen kills?

Of the nine members of the fellowship, who had the highest onscreen kills? Rules: Only the three LotR trilogy films count Any individual creature counts as 1 (eg. when Legolas kills enemies on top ...
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How many Jedi did General Grievous kill?

General Grievous was a renowned Jedi killer, who slew dozens of Jedi during the Clone Wars. Here's a list I found online: However, this list is outdated and incomplete. Can anyone provide a ...
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What was the body count in River's bar fight scene?

In one of River Tam's incredibly choreographed fight scenes, she takes on a bar full of bad-asses and leaves them all biting the dust. Has anyone ever done a body count (apart from Jayne)? Did she ...
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How many people has Han Solo killed?

During the 4 movies that include Han Solo how many humanoids has he killed? How many creatures or others has he killed as well?
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2 answers

How many people has Luke Skywalker killed?

Is there an estimate for the number of individuals killed by Luke Skywalker? There must have been thousands of beings on the first Death Star, but the movies don't give a specific kill count. So how ...
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16 votes
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How many confirmed kills does Wedge Antilles have?

I have been rereading some of my favorite Legends Star Wars books and it occurs to me... Wedge Antilles has a lot of kills. It seems that he consistently is getting multiple kills in every engagement ...
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How many people died during Grindelwald's reign?

They mention in the books that Grindelwald was the "Dark Lord" before Voldemort, and that Dumbledore was the one to stop him by taking the Elder Wand in a fair duel. What I couldn't find was the ...
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Who killed more people, Luke or Vader? [closed]

We know from the Death Star Technical Companion that the number of people aboard the first Death Star (including troopers, gunners, crew, pilots, staff, etc.) was 1,179,293. That's how many people ...
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Total droid death in the Clone Wars

In total, how many droids were killed/destroyed in the Clone Wars? I need to know so I can crunch numbers and get a kill-death ratio for clones.
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12 votes
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Which Earth-616 Marvel character has the highest kill count?

In the Marvel universe, there are a lot of heroes who kill their opponents quite regularly. We occasionally see questions about this aspect of the universe - such as "How many people has Daredevil ...
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In Star Trek Into Darkness, how many died from the crash in San Francisco?

In the movie Star Trek Into Darkness, how many people were killed when the USS Vengeance crashed into San Francisco?
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1 answer

How many people has Wolverine killed in the X-Men movies?

How many people has Wolverine killed in the movies, starting with X-Men (2000)?
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2 answers

Which 'Pacific Rim' Jaeger had the most overall kills?

I'm trying to identify which Jaeger had the most Kaiju kills. On screen ‎Gipsy Danger had the most Kaiju kills with 9 but it seemed that some of the others had been battling (off screen) for years ...
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In comics, how many people have been killed by Superman?

The recent Man of Steel film there sparked some controversy with the diehards fans of Superman because of one of the last scenes of the film where So in the comic canon how many people have been ...
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What is the total number of people killed on the 2 Death Stars when they exploded?

The First Death Star exploded during the Battle of Yavin. The Second Death Star exploded during the Battle of Endor. What is the total number of people killed on the 2 Death Stars when they exploded?
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Which DC (or Marvel) comic book HERO has killed the most bad guys? [closed]

Spider-Man seems to have bad luck, or at least some of his opponents like the guy that killed Uncle Ben and the Green Goblin did. There are probably others... Which comic book HERO holds the dubious ...
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How many people did Voldemort kill?

Albus Dumbledore stated in HP6 about Inferi and Voldemort: They are corpses, dead bodies that have been bewitched to do a Dark wizard's bidding. Inferi have not been seen for a long time, however, ...
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